How to build brand loyalty by getting to know your existing customers

(4) Find out as much as you can about the customer from the start

When users sign up for your service online, try to categorise them as neatly as possible so future loyalising tactics are better targeted. 

Asking for user information is always tricky and there is a fine line between what customers perceive as normal and what they feel is intrusive. Studies show that a web form should have between three and five fields before conversion rates drop drastically. In these fields, you can only ask for valuable information such as email address, the industry they work in and maybe the company name. Whatever you ask for, be careful not to overdo it.

(5) Use social media as you first line of communication 

Social media can be the best place to find out all the necessary information about your customers, as well as their wishes. For example, Facebook is not only a good place to share forms, used primarily for lead acquisition, but also a valuable tool for getting information for future campaigns. 

Social media can be used for every point mentioned above, meaning collecting feedback, using it as a support platform and promptly responding to customers, organising contests and finally, directing leads to your website where they can sign-up.

Slowly but surely, businesses are discovering that retained customers have a higher value than newly acquired customers. This happens largely because of the high number of options customers have when choosing a product or service. 

Given such a wide variety of companies to choose from, customers are less forgiving if a company makes a mistake. This means that, as a business, you must remain constantly on your toes and nurture your existing customers. But the more time and effort you take to do so, the greater the rewards you will reap.

Alex Balan is a consultant for 123ContactForm.

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