How to capitalise on huge transactional marketing opportunities

Unlike the majority of marketing material we receive, transactional communications such as password resets, account activations and booking confirmations are all requested.

Theyre 25 per cent more likely to be read as a result. Despite this, research by Mailjet, has revealed that almost 60 per cent of senior marketers admit that they either know they arent generating revenue from transactional emails, or have no idea if they are or not.

The lack of communication between marketers and the technical teams in charge of distribution has driven this detached approach to transactional emails. To date, transactional emails have been sent out via an organisations CMS, which means sidestepping the marketing team entirely.

With communications professionals increasingly being called upon to justify every aspect of their budget, these automated emails should not be overlooked, but used as a way to drive ROI through increased consumer focus and engagement.

Transactional emails are a great way to ensure that all consumer touch points not only share important messaging, but also strengthen perception of your brand and company.

To help you get the most out of transactional interactions, here are five tips brands and marketers should focus on:

(1) User experience

User experience is now a more essential source of differentiation between you and your competitors than it has ever been. By ensuring that email marketing efforts are integrated across the entire sales cycle, marketers can improve interaction with customers to generate further engagement and sales.

Transactional emails give organisations the chance to reduce the number of customer service contacts made by clients and demonstrate a flawless service from start to finish. If your service and communications offer a smooth, intuitive and easy user experience, you are more likely to retain and impress your customers.

(2) Brand Identity

It is important to remember that every contact with your consumers offers an opportunity to strengthen your brand image. Transactional emails are a great medium for leaving an impression on your users.

Think of them as a communication channel that needs to reflect your brand and the value you offer. A great way to do that is to design your transactional emails to correspond with your brand identity.

Rather than going with a simple, text only layout, consider teaming up with your designer to create a visually appealing template. Spice up your email layout with visuals and make your messaging more powerful.

Add images, logos and colours to your email that complement your overall visual identity. By ensuring that your brand identity and corporate style are perfectly integrated you can retain clients and drive sales.

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