How to connect with a new audience this year

Personal interaction

Bosses should ignore social media at their peril. They should be using it to engage in conversations with potential customers and interacting in a way that builds trust.
Social media has its benefits because businesses can respond immediately to queries and, in doing so, can become visible on the newsfeeds of potential customers who are unfamiliar with the brand.

Displaying empathy with customers will not only earn their loyalty, it can also appeal to other consumers and display your company in a positive light. Being open on social media is a priceless tactic and is the easiest way to connect.

Dont be afraid to revisit old content 

You shouldnt be creating digital content whether thats video, blogs or infographics for the sake of it. Quality content always wins over quantity, however tempted you are to publish a large amount of articles for your brand. Use the readily-available analytics tools to gain an insight into what works and then replicate the formula. Also, dont be afraid of revisiting old content that potential customers might have missed the first time around.

If a piece of written content is good enough, why let it stagnate on the fifth page of your blog Repurpose with purpose after all, we all loved the scenes and characters in The Force Awakens that reference the older films we remember so fondly. Utilising old content will save manpower and provide opportunity for the brand to reach a new set of people. Its important, however, that content creators, curators and distributors are working closely together to get the most out of this tactic.

Create two-way conversations 

Its vital that brands not only provide the products or services that consumers want, but also listen to and interact with audiences, speaking to them over a sustained period of time to increase brand exposure. In the current climate, the attention of audiences must not be taken for granted. Positive, two-way conversations must be started to ensure followers are engaged with and to make sure the brand gains and maintains a good reputation.

Thanks to social media, customers now have the power to make or break a brand, so make sure you use your digital prowess to keep them on your side. After all, theyll be able to cast a dark shadow over your brand if they dont agree with what you’re doing.

James Brady is an account director at the PR and creative agency Peppermint Soda.

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