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How to create a successful mentoring programme in five steps

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(4) Match mentors and mentees with care

As I explained in a previous article, the chemistry between mentor and mentee is fundamental to the success of the relationship. The matching of mentors to mentees should be done thoughtfully, and should be done by someone who has the proper experience to find good matches – it’s not a time to pull names out of hats.

Even with careful matching, it’s worth remembering that not all mentoring relationships will work. Both parties need to understand what the benefits of the relationship could be, as well as the limitations of the relationship. 

It’s also important to empower mentees and even mentors to speak up if they feel the fit isn’t right. It’s easy to reassign mentees early in the process to ensure a good fit and a great outcome. 

(5) Evaluate, iterate, invest

How do you know if a relationship is working or not? Feedback from both mentor and mentee needs to be gathered on a regular basis, to check that both parties are benefitting from the relationship. 

There are so many variables to consider when assessing a mentoring programme that I really believe it’s worth investing in experienced internal or external resources. 

Since the continued success of a mentoring programme depends on having well-designed, efficient evaluation and iteration, I feel it’s definitely worth the investment because once again, this is about your people.

Chris Ciauri is senior vice president for Salesforce EMEA.

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