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How to elevate your social media presence in five steps

Having a social media presence in 2015 should be a given. you’re probably already on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe even Instagram. Youve got a couple of handfuls of followers and engagement how customers interact with your social media updates and posts is going okay. 

But how do you take social media to the next level, gain more clients and help your business grow?

(1) Identify

Think about what exactly it is you want to achieve. Are you lacking in the followers department Do you need to increase your engagement Or is your businesses struggling with creative content  

Once youve identified which part of your social media presence needs shaping up, itll be a lot easier to give it some structure. Think small, aim big. 

(2) Strategise 

Having a clear and thought out strategy for social media is imperative to making your presence work. Dont throw out posts ad hoc: who knows when theyre going to be seenUsing scheduling tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Edgar can really help you optimise your posting times and allow for updates to be structured.

Think about when your posts will gain the most engagement, and why. Is it because you’re posting at the right time of day, or is it because the post is the perfect content Play about with structure and strategy and run some tests to really fine-tune your social media presence. 

(3) Content

People use social media to look for information. Does your business have a blog section If not, youll need to rectify that ASAP. Content marketing using self-written editorial to promote your business is the thing to be onboard with this year, but the content itself has to be of value. It needs to be interesting and relevant to your audience. Its a way of communicating with your customer base and building loyalty.

For example, let’s say your business specialises in bathrooms. Instead of using the blog section to posture and tell your audience how great you are at fitting bathrooms, why not write a piece about how to choose the perfect taps, or what the ideal bathroom suite consists of and why. Pieces of content like these will inform your audience, drive social media engagement and in return youll be rewarded with loyalty. 

(4) Visibility 

Too often businesses get so embroiled in social media, they forget one of the key reasons why theyre there in the first place to market their business.

Give your business the visibility it needs. Dont become another one of those brands who use boring stock photos alongside their content. Show real people, doing real things. Show Brian from Accounts, show Marsha in Advertising – what are they up to Do they have any stories to tell Get creative. Make it personable, and the reward will be that customers feel connected to your business. 

(5) Invest

To really take your social media to the next stage, you’re going to have to initially make a key investment: your time.

We know that businesses are already pushed for time – so many meetings to attend, so many invoices to chase. 

However, investing some time each week for your social media strategy, and adhering to the above points, will see a positive elevation of your presence and in turn more customers. More customers equals more business. A bit of a no-brainer really

Claire Beveridge is a writer and content producer at Crunch Accounting.


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