How to get noticed on social media

It?s important, however, to create a social media strategy that sets the tone of your message and details what you want to achieve.

Here are my top ten tips on how to get noticed on social media:

1. Get to know social media site you use before becoming a contributor 

It?s rarely a good idea to dive into the social media arena with no experience. Taking time to research what Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn might offer your brand will help you decide what platforms to use, and how to distribute your content. It?s also worth looking at the time saving tools offered by Twitter and Facebook that will make your social communication strategy easier and more automated.

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2. Establish the people from your existing network that are active on social media and connect with them 

Like most promotional activities, connecting with warm leads is easier than attracting cold ones. Begin by connecting with appropriate people in your existing network. Although it can be tempting to connect with everyone you know, try to make a conscious effort to link up with people who add value to your business.

3. Identify high-level influencers in your sector and connect with them

Whether you?re in the energy sector, the health sector or the financial sector, seeking out influential people with an impressive following is an important part of getting to know your industry?s social media landscape. Once you?ve identified your targets, follow them or look for legitimate ways to connect with them. Get creative, make your content appealing and make the most of the opportunities social media offers you to connect with your industry?s elite.

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4. Get to know your industry?s protocol

Once you?ve established some direct connections, take time to find out the communication protocol that?s at play in your sector. It may be that your innovation is deliberately disruptive. Building up credibility on social media can be a slow and frustrating process, so set an appropriate tone for your messages and be patient and polite at all times.

5. Participate in conversations and groups 

A great way to connect with influential people is to contribute to conversations in a knowledgeable but modest way. Helping people solve problems and coming up with new and unique ideas is the best way to get noticed by those who might make a difference to your business; for example investors or potential partners.

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