How to get noticed on social media

6. Decide on an online persona

In order to be successful on social media you need to establish a tone of voice that’s appropriate for your business. Don’t feel the need to use colloquial, informal language if it doesn’t suit your brand as the falseness will be difficult to maintain. Finding your own voice and using it in a natural way is key to being credible and standing the test of time on social media.

7. Set your social media strategy

Unfortunately most businesses can’t afford a full-time social media manager, but there’s plenty of information online to help you develop your own social media strategy. Be realistic about what you want to achieve, how often you will participate and how you will measure results. Set yourself achievable targets, keeping in mind everything else you have to do.

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8. Post on a regular basis

It’s important to be visible, but try to maintain a balance between quality and quantity. A meaningful tweet once a week, every week, is better than tweeting rubbish five times a day for a fortnight and then giving up. Use content from your blog to help you raise awareness of your brand activity.

9. Follow and re-tweet regularly 

Regularly re-tweeting relevant content can often be as effective as introducing new material. Being selective and taking action for a reason is a great strategy that should see you getting results quickly with minimal effort.

10. Take time to observe 

Like all things in life, listening is as important as speaking on social media, so make sure your social media action plan allows time for reading as well as contributing. The more informed you are, the more insightful your content will be.

Peter Andrew is head of innovation at Alba Innovation Centre

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