How to get your customers to “hang out” with your brand

Frictionless shopping has always been an objective of omni-channel. New digital technologies allow businesses to do this so the customer has the same brand experience.

For example, the Amazon Dash Wi-Fi button creates new sales channels out of everyday objects by allowing shoppers to re-order products with just a push of a button. Apple has also worked hard on ensuring its mobile app and physical stores enhance sales. Customers can use a mobile app to book support appointments in the Genius Bar and can receive alerts about their online orders when their mobile device is near the store.

Strike a balance between convenience and unhurried

In general, you have to cater to two types of shoppers: those who are purposeful and want to get in and out quickly, and those who are willing to stick around for worthwhile experiences. The key is to find a balance to serve both.

Things like loyalty schemes and rewards are a sure way to encourage a customer to linger on the website or in-store. If they are in a rush, it’s worth sharing a personalised email or if they like to wander, send them a voucher that can only be redeemed in the shop.

Though it’s important to note that implementing rewards alone won’t be enough to stay competitive. Retailers that will win are those that offer personalised rewards, coupled with great products and convenient buying experiences.

The rise of online marketplaces is increasing the competition in retail, so it’s important that businesses start acting now to create a brand that consumers want to spend time with. Having brand personality will not only attract customers, but will help drive sales. Sometimes it’s also about going to your customers in order to have them notice your business hang out with them at local markets, events or pop-up stores in different areas and theyll get to know your brand better.

Plus, if you’re offering customers a personal, relaxed, and easy shopping experience, why wouldnt they want to hang out with your brand

Pierre-Emmanuel Perruchot de La Bussire is general manager at Vend.

Think back to the time ten years ago when phones used to be the prime point of contact for customer-related issues. Those were the good times when businesses could rely predominantly on call agents to respond to customers in a couple of days.

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