How to implement a cross-selling sales strategy from scratch

(4) Incentivise to complete a transaction

Offering incentives such as free delivery, discount bundling or discounts on orders over a certain amount are perfect cross-selling tactics to entice your target customers to add additional products to their shopping baskets.

(5) Prioritise first demand

Effective cross-selling isnt just about maximising transaction values, but it’s also about optimising customer experience. As part of this, the customers first demand should always take priority over pushing your additional products. If you dont focus on fulfilling the customers principal needs, you could end up losing your original sale.

(6) Recommend relevant or must-have products

Offer products that are either needed together or that work well together. This is similar to the for best results, use with and the Shop the Look tactics used by many beauty and fashion e-retailers (such as ASOS or Sephora) is a great way to not only get customers to purchase additional items, but also to improve the customer experience.

(7) Show different cross-sells for different browsing paths

Shopping online isnt unlike the offline shopper experience when it comes to cross-selling opportunities. Just as a high-street supermarket places smaller goods near the tills, placing smaller items that dont hugely increase the cost of the overall sale on your sites checkout page encourages impulse buying and the chance to maximise your final order value.

Larger and more expensive products on the other hand, should be displayed before customers have finished adding items to their baskets and decided on how much they want to spend.

(8) Communicate direct to consumers to ensure personalisation

Personalising your customers experience is no bad thing. In all of your target communications and calls to action (CTAs), ensure this simply by speaking directly to the customer using you and your .

According to the Aberdeen Group, 75 per cent of online consumers like it when brands offer personalised messaging and offers, so why not mimic a technique that many of the most recognisable consumer brands worldwide already use

Remember that for most cases, the more relevant and personalised your cross-selling strategy is in the path to purchase, the more effective it can be to increase your final order values. Utilising the cross-selling techniques weve already laid out by including personalised offers, effective browsing and checkout pages, recommendations, prioritisation and soft sales techniques should arm you with the right tools to ensure a maximum conversion rate, and to increase your sales effectiveness.

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Mark Haupt is UK sales director of Twenga Solutions.

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