How to keep your IT cool in hot weather

Your iPhone will often tell you that it’s too hot with an in-built feature that means, aside from emergency calls, it will stop functioning until it’s cooled down. However not all IT equipment has this capability and as such, you may notice files on your laptop or tablet taking additional time to load, software not opening correctly, and the general functionality of your PC slowing down – all signs that your device is affected by overheating. 

Of course, your computer has components designed to ensure that your systems staycool. But, on top of the extra heat in your office, it can be near impossible for your computer’s fan and vents to function as normal.This causes the computer to slow and eventually, if the computer becomes too hot, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) will shut down altogether in order to avoid permanent damage. 

Here are a few tips to follow in order to keep IT equipment cool, ensuring that productivity doesn’t suffer.

Dust removal 

Make sure your fan is functioning properly and that vents are free from dust and other obstructions. Dust makes it hard for the fan to circulate cool air around the computer at any time of the year, but now is definitely the time to get on top of it.  


Avoid placing your computer in direct sunlight. If you sit next to a window, for example, try to ensure blinds are down. 

Air flow is also important so ensure that computers aren’t stored away under the desk and that air is able to flow in and out. 

Investing in air conditioning could also be a savvy business decision. Not only will your employees thank you but the productivity of your computers will be helped massively. 

Switch off

Turn the computers off at night. It seems obvious but many businesses leave their computers on standby until the morning. Not only will this waste electricity but it doesn’t give the device a chance to cool down. 

For daytime use, ensure you have set a screen saver on each computer. Set up a timer which means it will go into hibernation when out of use for longer than 10 – 15 minutes. 

Ian Callens, IT Consultant at Icomm Technologies. Icomm Technologies is a pro-active provider of IT service, support and solutions, servicing a wide range of companies throughout the UK. 

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