How to keep your staff happy

Oliver Gray is the managing director of energiseYou, a provider of dynamic employee wellbeing services to the UK’s most progressive companies. Here are Oliver’s top tips on keeping your staff happy.

The bi-monthly team meetingThis is a great habit to get into. Every two months, celebrate your company’s superstars. Encourage each team member to come up with three business successes they or their team mates have achieved and get these successes up on a flip chart. Really shout about them! This process is great for team morale and creates a real feel-good factor.

As well as celebrating the past two month’s successes, re-clarify the company vision and the next two months’ objectives. You will be amazed at how many of your employees need constantly reminding of the company vision and the key business targets.

Reward exceptional performanceBe inventive and reward with experiences, not money. Employees will associate the great experience with recognition for their work and this process can create a strong positive pattern for future performance.

For example, at energiseYou, I’ve rewarded staff with: a dinner for two at a great restaurant; a 30-minute back massage at work; a weekend in Paris; £50 voucher for a facial, manicure or pedicure; a day in a hot air balloon; or a day driving a sports car around a racetrack.

Healthy, energised staff = happy, productive staff.  Keep your staff healthy and energised by undertaking regular workstation and posture assessments. A fruitbowl in the office is an affordable way to keep your employees stocked up on vitamins. And extras like subsidised gym membership encourages staff to keep active. Additionally, if you really want to go the extra mile, you can organise health and wellbeing seminars and circulate a monthly email with top health tips and fun recipes.  Encourage a good work/life balance Where possible be flexible with staff working hours and provide staff with a range of options to suit their individual needs. Whether it’s four-day work weeks, working from home on occasions, start late/finish late, start early/finish early or even sabbaticals for long-serving staff, enabling staff to balance their work and personal life plays a key part in staff happiness and retention.

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