How to make a great crowdfunding video

The most important marketing for your campaign happens off the platform that it’s listed on. You should be promoting your campaign through as many channels as you can and video is a great way to do this. You can post your outtakes, behind the scenes videos and all sorts of video content directly on YouTube.

Don’t be afraid to use more than one video on your campaign page. The most important video should be your general trailer, but another video could focus on your product, team or some aspect of your campaign that people want to know more about.

Be careful making statements of fact, predictions about the future or mentioning financial information in your film. The videos form part of the campaign and some equity platforms (such as ours) require that factual statements in videos are able to be supported with evidence. It’s vital not to include the financial terms of the deal in your video because it might be shared or embedded anywhere and wouldn’t have the disclaimers and context that it does when it’s on the main website’s page.

To avoid long, boring shots of just talking to the camera, interleave the footage with quick cutaway shots of your offices, your customers and other settings.

The clarity of the presenter’s voice is also extremely important. Make sure that you use a good quality microphone, film in a quiet place and that any background music (added afterwards) is kept fairly quiet. The quality of the sound is as important than the quality of the images because if the viewer can’t hear you clearly, then they can understand what you are saying.

My final piece of advice is to watch as many crowdfunding videos as possible to learn from what you like and don’t like in other people’s videos. There are plenty of playlists on YouTube and Vimeo with great videos from all the crowdfunding websites.

Peter Thomson is chief marketing officer at Seedrs.

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