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How to manage the new influx of job seekers


Finding a new job remains one of the most universal New Year’s resolutions, rivalling pledges to quit smoking and join a gym. The significance of this trend is evident when considering statistics that indicate Britain began 2017 with the world’s fourth sharpest spike in job seekers and it appears to be rising as we enter 2018.

To help employers better prepare for this influx of job seekers, we reveal some invaluable tips that may be easily implemented within any working environment.

Improve your selection and onboarding processes

Creating a concise onboarding and orientation plan allows for a seamless, reliable transition. This should outline what an employees” first day, week and month will look like, who they will meet, how they will be oriented on their responsibilities and more.

This need not be extensive, yet will prove beneficial and may enhance your interviewing and selection processes particularly when considering the large array of job seekers. Similarly, once you have identified your ideal candidate, the utilisation of reference checking is absolutely crucial as it can assure optimum, honest candidates are acquired.

Create an employee-centric environment

It is likely that many new employees won’t have worked in your industry. On top of this, they may be intimidated by the ongoing influx of other new co-workers starting at the same time as them. This eventuality acts to be a distinct hindrance with any team member, inhibiting their confidence and performance.

It can also be concerning in regards to managers and senior members of staff, who’s role is to support team members and assure the smooth functioning of critical every-day tasks. In either case, these individuals subsequently require more assistance than seasoned workers, as to provide a stress-free process and prevent premature departures.

This struggle, however, may extend beyond understanding their daily responsibilities, and be down to more discrete realms of company culture, such as social events and informal coffee rotas. To support new employees and further facilitate their development within the workplace, it may be beneficial to assign someone to act as their buddy.

These adjustments work to promote an employee-centric environment, in which all training, programmes and processes are tailored to helping employees become the best they can be. Those who feel valued will consequently provide an excellent service, which in turn, has a positive impact on your business.

Ensure consistent employee retention by holding regular “stay interviews”

It has been stated that one of the most common reasons for employees departing their role is feeling under-valued and unappreciated. Holding regular “stay-interviews” proves to be a great way of learning what is important to staff.

During these interviews, different topics may be discussed; including what they like and dislike about their role, their strengths, things they?d like to learn and more. The goal is to obtain a better understanding of what motivates and demotivates the employee, ensuring they feel respected.

It would be ideal to hold a stay interview with employees after their first three months and then every six months there on after. This influx of new staff will only prove to benefit the company and its” profit projections should they be sufficiently cared for.

Simon Houlton is CEO of IScreenYouScreen?


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