How to network like a boss

4. Dont be shy about closing a conversation so you can meet other people

If you are at an event where badges are given out and networking is part of the agenda you’re expected to mingle rather than stick with one person for ages.

Its perfectly polite to spend a few moments with someone, exhaust the introductions and conversation, then say, Well, it’s been a pleasure speaking to you; Ill leave you to meet other people here or I must take the opportunity to meet so and so

5. Be bold ask for connections or introductions and make them in return

Its OK to ask if the person can think of anyone who might be interested in your service or product.

Its also great when you can recommend someone whose products or interests are similar and agree to connect them via email or social media.

6. Do your follow-up quickly

When you get home or have a few moments to spare, make a list of who youve spoken to, or scan their business cards, or staple them in to a notebook and make a note of interesting things which will help you remember them another time. And of course, follow-up with any promised information.

You should follow-up within a few days to make sure the trail of trust is maintained.

So, go forth and network like a boss!

Lisa Gagliani is CEO of Bright Ideas Trust.

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