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How to organise a business conference

Organising a business conference doesn’t have to be stressful. Although there are lots of things involved with making sure that everything runs smoothly, you should always remember the essentials.Keep a check list so you know what your priorities are as the event draws closer. 

This quick guide from Conference Leeds will help you to consider the essential factors and feel more at ease when planning ahead for the big day.

1. Conference venue

Make sure you pick a spacious venue that enables plenty of room for all of your attendees; as there’s nothing more tedious than cramming as many people as possible into one confined space. For speakers delivering a speech or a presentation, it will also make them feel less nervous and under less pressure. Space is also essential if you wish to provide chairs, tables, lecterns, overhead projectors or display stands. Remember to map this out beforehand, as this will save you a lot of hassle on the day.

2. Transport links

Make sure the meeting is held in an area that is easy to access, with good transport links and adequate parking availability. If people can’t park and find the location too remote, they are likely to feel very apprehensive before they get to your meeting and it could just dampen the atmosphere.

3. Wifi Connection

Today, wifi is a big must-have, and the right connections, speed and reliability enables your attendees to stay connected and presentations to run smoothly without any embarrassing interruptions. Losing your internet connection halfway through a strong presentation or pitch can be very distracting.

4. AV equipment

Check to see if there is a microphone and a projector available in the room, as without these you will definitely struggle to communicate with your audience. It is advisable to choose a large screen so that you can ensure that everyone can see what you’re showing them clearly. Ensure that the lighting is dim enough so that delegates can view the projector comfortably. Most modern banquet and meeting areas already have these built into the room itself.

4. Climate control

During the summer, make sure your chosen conference venue has air conditioning or a constant supply of fresh air, as people can become agitated and uneasy in hot or humid temperatures. No one wants to be sat next to someone who is sweating or uncomfortable.

5. Refreshments

If you intend on making the meeting a full day affair, then consider providing lunch with a variety of snacks and refreshments. It’s generally a good idea to provide these snacks on a table in the back of the room. This will give the audience a chance to get up and move without leaving the room if they need to do so, and they can continue to listen to the presentation. Make sure you have plenty of water at the ready for yourself and the guests.

Jessica Hodkinson is a representative for Conference Leeds, which organise conferences across the UK and provide conference facilities around Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire.


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