How to pick yourself up when faced by obstacles or challenges

Ask for support

You are not alone facing challenges but you need the tools to solve them. Be brave and humble instead of carrying this heavy bag of problems on your shoulders. Seek support and share your issues with people you trust. No doubt nine times out of ten they will be able to provide great guidance and get your head out of the water. Mentors, advisors, but also friends and family are always keen to help you so take them up on their offers.

Push harder, get something done today

You have an overwhelming to-do list and this can get you stuck especially if you are already experiencing some challenges. The way around it is to get something motivating in the near future. Book an appointment with a prospective customer, sign up for a conference, attend a networking event, just get something crossed off your agenda.

Always look at the big picture

Look at yourself from your life timeline perspective, these may be times of struggle but you have already learnt so much and achieved a great deal already so pick yourself up and keep going!

The power of inspiring quotes

It may appear a bit superficial or cliche, but what you need at the moment is the comfort and support to keep going. Always have some inspiring quotes in your office environment that you can check from time to time. You?ll realise how lucky you are in pursuing what you have always dreamt of doing and it?ll give you the motivation to keep pushing.

Alexis Garavel and Henry de Bennetot are the co-founders of SunEos.

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