How to retain a great company culture as your business expands

Maintaining your brilliant company culture throughout this period of expansion is possible if you continue to invest time and thought into it. After all, employees consider a great work environment to be of high importance in a job, so it?s vital this isn?t lost as you expand.

Read on to discover how you can ensure your strong company culture remains as your business grows.

Identify your core values

Your core values showcase who you are, and what you want to achieve as a business, so obviously it?s important that your staff understand them. Employees want to work for companies where they feel respected and valued and in turn they?re likely to be more loyal and motivated to continue working hard.

When establishing your company values, think about what?s most important to you and your staff. Values might include traits such as self-improvement, honesty and hard work. You will find that this gives your employees something positive to focus on and aim for.

When?your values have been set, the next step is to introduce them to your employees. After all, there?s no point having them if your workforce don?t know what they are, or mean. In any case, maintaining a great company culture is about that collective feeling of everyone knowing they belong. This can encourage people to work better together. Even if employees don?t know each other personally, they know they?re both working towards a shared goal.

Ensure you have an effective hiring process

Now you need to find employees that represent your values. While it?s important to have the most talented individuals, it?s also vital that new recruits fit in with your company culture. An employee that doesn?t fit in could cause tension or difficulty amongst the workforce ? which could be bad news for your business!

A good tip for finding an employee that fits is to make sure you have an effective hiring process in place. Basically, don?t just base your decision on how a candidate acts around you, also check how they interact with other potential colleagues. Not only this, but by making sure you ask the right questions during an interview, you can get to the bottom of what they?re like as a person and whether or not they?ll fit in well in your business.

Communication is key

You need to get to know the people that are working for you. You can?t possibly learn about what your employees want if you don?t interact with them. Happy employees are committed employees and this is important for you as an employer. This should mean that if employees are unhappy or feel something needs improving, they know that they can come to you and address it. And of course, you need to be able to listen and act on this information.

Remember, if staff feel respected it?s going to bring them closer together. How employees feel they are treated will reflect on your company culture. Everyone needs to know their voice can be heard (and you need to make this happen!).

Consider tactics such as anonymous surveys to get honest feedback and an open door policy where employees?can discuss any worries they may have. Also, remember to be respectful about their opinions, they may not always be positive but they can help you maintain your brilliant employee culture.

Maintain your traditions

Every company has traditions, it makes them unique and special to work for. While it can be hard to maintain these traditions as you expand, you need to think of some out of the box ways to make this happen.

If you always go to the pub on a Friday, don?t stop. Just adapt this to invite your growing workforce. Or, if you have company events every month expand this to accommodate more people. Everyone should feel included and encouraging employees to spend time together outside of work could have a great effect on their?performance too.

You could even make use of seasonal events such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter to create new traditions in your workplace and get everyone involved in the fun! If your company is too large to cater for everyone at once, try to arrange smaller department events. These are great for getting everyone familiar with their fellow workers and making new friends.

Invest in your employees

Make sure your employees know how important they are. You want them to feel that they work in a great place. So try running regular company events, even if it?s just a small gesture to show you care. This might include buying cakes or donuts one day, or even putting on a lunch buffet. By doing this, you show that you value your employees and they are more likely to respect you. This can contribute massively to your company culture, ensuring everyone feels included.

It?s vital the actual working environment is also comfortable for employees. Ensure that it?s the right temperature, the chairs are comfortable and computers are set up properly ? employees who get neck pain from their jobs aren?t going to be too happy about it. Ensuring you do this doesn?t have to be at a great cost to you but it can make a real difference. Employees will spread the word if you treat them well, showing your company is the one to work for.

The overall message to take from this is that, investing time and consideration into your employees as you expand is going to be great for your company. The happier employees are, the more productive your business is going to be in the long run. While it can be difficult to make this happen with a busy schedule, and a growing workforce, it?s going to pay off in the future.

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