How to source the best staff

But sourcing and attracting the best staff is no mean feat and one which cannot be taken too lightly, says UK entrepreneur and recruiter, Beatrice Bartlay.

Bartlay, who is Managing Director of specialist staffing firm 2B Interface commented: ?I firmly believe that the most important element of a successful and profitable business is the people. The people make a brand, the people are the ones delivering excellent customer service, and it?s the people making sure that customers get exactly what they pay for. Needless to say that sourcing the right people has historically been a challenge for every business, and it never gets any easier.?

Bartlay?s top tips for sourcing the best staff are:

1. Understand exactly what you need more staff for

By better understanding and analysing your business forecasts, plans ? and of course goals and objectives ? you should be able to effectively pinpoint whether your business needs full-time positions filled, or simply a temporary staffing solution. Temporary staff can be cost effective during seasonal swings for certain industries, including retail, manufacturing, and utilities.

2. Test their performance in a real-life situation

Although putting individuals on the spot in an interview situation is something nobody wants to do, it is perhaps obvious and extremely important that you test the competency of an individual before hiring them. Figure out what key tasks they will be undertaking in their day-to-day processes, and set them a realistic task in a timed and controlled environment, so you can see how they are likely to perform.

3. Ensure that they are a cultural fit

Ensure that the candidate is both fit in terms of skills, as well as (and this is very important) culturally. As an employer, you need to understand exactly what is important to you and your business in terms of what the individual can deliver, and if their personality ?suits? both your company image and the team already in place.

4. Don?t disregard succession planning

As an employer looking to fulfil a role ? whether newly created or recently vacated ? it is critical that you look within your existing team or teams. Employee development and promotion from within is a fantastic motivator and demonstrates the commitment of your company to your workforce?s individual career goals and future plans.

5. And the number one rule? Don?t let the good ones get away

The team is core to a business?s success and it is not just sourcing staff, which can be a challenge, but retaining them too. The insight is quite simple ? your team leaders must be the best example to learn from; must have an ability to inspire the team; be supportive, polite, and retain a sense of humour too.

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