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How to strengthen your online presence

There are numerous different ways in which we look to engage our customers, increase or enhance the brand and market our business online. So whats actually impacting your growth

The ultimate goal for any business is to increase awareness and to bring potential customers to the business, creating a central point which enhances the existing offering and making it easier for people to communicate and find what you have to offer.

Companies who are online can greatly increase their market share through various channels. It becomes a quick way of taking a small or large business and allowing them to compete on a level playing field. Even the smallest of businesses now have the ability to take themselves outside of their location and be available to anyone anywhere.

Customer loyalty is as vital to a business success as searching for new customers. The retention of someone who finds value in the brand will ensure repeat custom.

Building an online presence also enables people looking for your business, and gives them a greater chance of finding and interacting with you wherever you are. The statistics speak for themselves. After all, roughly 20,000 tweets are sent out each second, 160,000 google searches – chances are someone is looking for what you have.

The real question is, how can you position yourself online to educate people about your business and drive them to your high street office or online store

Having a blog on your website is an effective way to ensure there is fresh information to drive traffic whilst establishing yourself as a market expert within a particular industry. This can be an efficient way to answer certain questions that customers have about the business, or to direct them to a destination which you would like them to arrive at.

The use of social media is a great way to humanise and add a personality to your business which helps to bridge this gap between yourself and your community. This can create loyalty towards the company by engaging the customers.

Having good customer feedback via review websites can be critical to customers choosing you over a competitor. Increasing awareness is vital to any business, large or small, and showing your value is a great way to gain an edge on a competitor.

The key to prosperity when placing an advert is location. Businesses can use the web to find the most advantageous locations for their adverts. Whether it be industry specific websites or with smaller companies focusing on local websites to get to their desired market.

Videos can be a great avenue for attracting the customers you seek, and offer a great marketing tool to explain a product or service, giving a demonstration that aids the customer in the understanding, whilst driving a strong enough interest to encourage sales.

Remember no business can ever afford to stand still, experiment and find new ways to help develop your edge over competitors.

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