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How to successfully partner with an outsourced agency

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Agency relationships seem to come in all shapes and sizes, but the overriding concerns that most clients experience seem to range from their agency being AWOL, or that they just dont quite get it and struggle to perform to required standards.

Indeed, sometimes the challenge comes about through a lack of communication. But the real challenge in any scenario comes down to the question of whose job is it really to make things work well And then there is simply only one answer thats acceptable the agency. It might seem like the tail wagging the dog, but the agency should know what they need to perform at their optimum level and know just how to work with the client to get it.

For clients, asking some earnest questions at the outset may well save a lot of heartache in the long run:

1. Who is going to manage and run the account day-to-day

The answer you are looking for here is the Account Director, the one with the intrinsic knowledge and probably the same one who impressed you at the pitch. They have to have the drive and commitment to stay with the programme and make it happen.

2. How deep is the agency knowledge pool and how good are they at getting the information they need from you with the minimum input

Your agency needs to be full of go-getting Rottweilers who have no inhibitions about contacting, schmoozing and badgering key people in your organisation to feed themselves from the word go in the relationship.

3. Whose idea is it anyway

Agencies that come to the table with questions and not answers need to be sent away again to do their homework. They need to be coming to you with fresh thinking that drives the campaign and aligns the messaging to your strategic goals whilst addressing key industry issues.

4. Do they really understand your business goals and that they need to deliver an ROI on your spend with them

An agency really needs to demonstrate that they understand your business aims for engaging with them and then lay out a plan for measurement and success criteria ahead of the planned start.

5. Are the team you are presented with going to be there in a years time, or are you going to have to go through all the training again and again

Staff turnover can be challenging for any organisation, but not if you are already dealing with the people that actually run the agency insist on the account director and dont let them escape.

6. Are they ever satisfied

It ultimately comes down to the people in the agency, but they need to fit into that character type that says good is just not good enough . The team needs to be relentlessly motivated to drive more and more from the campaign to get you to the top and keep on going.

7. How much time do they spend shouting about themselves rather their clients

Yes, it’s endemic amongst PRs, but with the advent of Social Media it is now easy to peer into the agencys world if there is a little too much love thyself you may find yourself playing second fiddle for their attentions.

8. Could you get on with the people at the agency do you like them

Yes, its business, but working with nice people makes life a whole lot easier. And when the chips are down and you are in the trenches with your PR sorting out that gnarly press issue, you need to be able to trust that you are working with colleagues who are in it for the shared passion, not just the next buck.

9. Does size really matter

Well, simply put, yes. If you are not important to your agencys payroll, then you are not important enough. Though it might seem good to get a branded agency in the West End, are you really going to be high enough up their agenda to get that special attention your campaign needs

10. Are they early or late people

Having an agency full of slightly OCD early people is a great way of getting first call on the story with the Editors and proactive engagement on your account. Youll be able to tell the early from the late agencies right from the beginning of the pitch process in how quickly they respond to you and how passionate they are in their follow-ups.

Ashley Carr is Managing Director of Neo PR.



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