How to top the search listings

Do a quick competitor analysisThere are many strategies to slice and dice a market to reveal its viability. As an entrepreneur, I want something which is quick and dirty – and gives me an insight into what is possible within a few minutes. My quick and dirty method is to type in my search word or phrase and see how many results there are. Less than 1,000,000 results and it’s normally quite easy to get to the top. 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 and it is getting competitive. 5,000,000 to 30,000,000 and it’s a nice project!

Refine your search wordsEveryone wants to come top of the pops for their search words or keywords. But remember: it takes three or more keywords before a customer is “converted”. Let me explain…

If someone searches on the keyword “holiday”, it’s unlikely they will buy from the site they arrive at, if they click any site at all. The search is refined and becomes “discount holidays”. We’re getting there now. The final refinement becomes “discount holidays France”.

In a nutshell: the person who searches on the keyword “holiday” will very rarely buy. The person who types in “discount holidays France” is red hot and ready to buy.

The maximum keywords used per page is around six, so have a look at your site, choose six keywords per page, and do your research.

Next up, I’ll be looking at what needs to be done to the site to woo big G.

Guy Levine is the CEO of SEO company Web Marketing Advisor.

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