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How to use online forms to win more leads on social media

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With over 70 per cent of internet users present on social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and the like are without doubt an ocean of leads for businesses. 

But this also presents a problem for businesses: how to attract the attention of this overwhelming mass of people when so many other companies are also competing for their attention

While there are numerous important social media tactics that will identify social media strategies as being successful, companies also require robust tools that will help them to get the job done. And one tool in particular is especially designed for gathering more leads web forms.

The great thing about web forms is their versatility they can be used by any kind of business to reach whatever objective they need to meet. They are highly customisable, meaning that colours, tone of voice and other branding elements can go hand-in-hand with their established design and message, as well as being extremely easy for people to share.

1) Embed a web form into Facebook

Whatever information a business needs for their next campaign, a web form can be easily created and shared on social media to help it find the answers. 

Some form builders even enable companies to embed forms inside their Facebook profile and make it appear like a tab, similar to the About or Photo tabs. This feature is extremely useful for inserting a lead generating form, such as a contact form, newsletter registration or even a contest form.

2) Share quizzes, polls and feedback forms

Sharing quizzes, asking people to contribute to a poll or simply asking for their feedback are great ways to use web forms to generate leads through social media, in addition to being a way of advertising recent business innovations. 

Imagine your business recently changed the packaging of the product and you want to know how customers feel about it. As well as helping capture data, getting feedback directly from customers and giving credit to any users that sparked helpful changes for a product generates positive sentiment for your company.

Interaction and providing entertaining content for the public is a key tactic for developing better relationships between brand and consumer as well as scoring higher is search queries.

3) Integrate web forms with third-party apps

Modern form builders are integrated with a multitude of third party apps that further help businesses nurture leads and convert them. The features allow data such as contact details or responsibilities to be imported directly into CRM tools, allowing companies to migrate customers from an external platform into a central database, providing their sales department with the information needed to convert them into existing customers. 

A strong form builder will either be already integrated with your desired application, or the developer can make such an integration on request.

With so many businesses out there competing for the same customers, it is becoming increasingly hard to focus on one channel of lead acquisition. However, form builders are continuously serving businesses needs, they are available for nearly any niche and shareable on almost any social media platform. If used well, they will be a useful tool for converting leads into wins.

Alex Balan is a consultant for 123ContactForm.



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