How to whip your employees into shape

1. Give good goals: Make sure that employees have understandable and achievable goals – a well structured communications system can make all the difference.

2. Keep them well fed: Regular, positive feedback can bring measurable returns on performance, although this needs to be balanced with negative feedback, if applicable.

3. Say well done: Recognising good employee performance, whether on the spot or during a scheduled feedback session, can keep employees happy. Recognition can include a bonus scheme to reward exceptional activity.

4. Stay in the know: Keep staff in the loop on decisions and the overall direction of the company. Get them into the decision-making process, whether it’s through staff committees or other regular consultation.

5. Train to retain: Career progression – or even the sense that progress is a possibility in the long term – can offer positive reinforcement. Training is vital to that process. 

6. Do the right thing: Varied and interesting work is probably the biggest variable in the employee equation – and came make the biggest difference. Consider options to add enticements to the mix, such as travel.

7. Access all areas: Try to maintain an “open door” culture in which managers are approachable – closing doors to questions and discussion will push employees out.

8. Keep it in perspective: Respect the fact that employees have lives – ensure a proper balance between work and life.

9. Ask the right questions: Proactive lines of communication, whether through surveys or one-to-one contact, can offer greater insight into employee views.

10. Be fair: Try to maintain an impartial, open and understanding approach when dealing with any employee issue.

Source: IBM publication Now we are 100 in association with the CBI 

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