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How would you put Harry Potter-style magic to use in the office

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If anything, we love the Potter series for giving characters the ability to create their own spells. Snape’s “Sectumsempra” and Voldemort’s “Morsmordre” come to mind. But what about something a little less negative than invisible killing blades and the creation of the dark mark?

Maybe something used to combat the “common SME ailment of poor cashflow”” It would be called “Arcarius Accessio” and we’d have business expert Carl Reader to thank for its creation.

Readerexplained to Real Business that it would “ensure businesses had a realistic cashflow projection in advance, which also invoiced customers promptly andAccurately. It would chase debtors efficiently as well. After all, the squeaky wheel gets oiled first!”

Potions would definitely have been a subject taken by Humphries
Potions would definitely have been a subject taken by Humphries

What about?driving clients your way instead of chasing them” That is, without the use of love potion. It’s what Babel?managing director?Matt Humphries’?“aromatic elixir”?would be for.

Felix Commercio something he stresses should occasionally?be sipped like a good whisky, otherwise there will be consequences.

“It gives the imbiber instant confidence and the tenacity to reel in tough cookie execs,” he added. “Beware not to drink too much too many new prospects won at once could spell not enough staff to support the workload!”

Let’s not forget “Coveragus Instantanum Cliento” though a persuasive charm designed to give editors an overwhelming desire to write articles about Babel’sclients. “The more coverage we re able to generate, the more likely our prospects will be wooed by our ability and diligence,” Humphries explained. “It’s a win-win for all parties.”

Talking of creating a winning situation for all,?Fiona McNae, CEO and founder of Space Doctors, suggested magical powers could be used to?transform competitors?into partners

“It would prove that it’s better to work together than against each other and create shared commercial success. The structure and ways of working in our empathetic and responsive organisation would value emotional intelligence (EQ) over intelligence quotient (IQ), and make sure feeling and intuition always complements the rational and the logical.

“Any wand-waving will be dedicated to ensuring zero waste in terms of process, money and energy, guiding us to the shortest, easiest and most successful route. We would also have powers to experience ?lost futures?, so we understand how decisions made in the here and now will impact the future. This would ensure we make better decisions today to create more meaningful futures.”

Taking a note from Britain’s recent bout of extreme heat though,?Simon Douglass, founder?of Curated Digital, suggested the creation of a spell?that would let staff select the temperature setting and added that magic could truly boost productivity and let staff embrace collaboration.

“I would create an amazing interior for our office, with something for everyone. An invent spell would alsoensure the temperature in the office was suitable for everyone, thus getting rid of heating disputes.

Here's what the office would look like if the temperature spell goes wrong
Here’s what the office would look like if the temperature spell goes wrong

“There will be an interactive wall where you could draw on it and clear it with a click of your fingers. Lastly, I would create sound bubbles for everyone, so that they can listen to their music without headphones.”

Magic as a means to better communication and collaboration seems to be a popular concept, also alluded to by?James Carter, CEO?of Touchdown PR. And his spell has a unique twist to it.

“If I could wave my dragon heart string wand I would cast a disarming charm ‘PowerPoint Expelliarmus’. This magic charm would banish PowerPoint presentations from all manner of meetings.

“When it comes to a meeting I prefer direct conversation rather than formulaic presentations. I want to get to know the people I?m meeting, what drives and motivates them. Whether I am selling, buying or hiring, success is about communication and that is something you cannot get as effectively when PowerPoint sets the rules.

Like Carter, Neil Davidson, managing director of HeyHuman, made clear the type of wand he wished to’select, saying:?“In the world of Harry Potter, the wand always chooses the wizard, and if I was to stumble into Ollivander’s shop, I’d hope to be matched with a wand that promotes closer working business partnerships.

?One of the first spells I’d cast would be to encourage more honesty between companies working together in client/consultant relationships, focusing on real growth triggers that benefit the commercial effectiveness of businesses rather than just the easy ones.

“The second would be to shift all obstacles that stand in the way of focussed strategies and business changing ideas, such as the negative parts of business politics and long-winded approval processes that take the bite out of new thinking. This is the dream, but as Dumbledore said, it does not do to dwell on dreams!?

One director fancies going back in time…



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