How your office space can be adapted to attract new graduate talent

Show your colours

In large, open spaces, splashes of colour help divide different areas. Different colours affect the brain in different ways, and can be beneficial for different types of work. Furthermore, compared to standard grey cubicles, they create an infinitely more welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Top gear

Top graduates expect the best jobs to provide them with exactly what they need to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Most often, that is simply a matter providing a phone, tablet or laptop that enables dynamic working. Companies that scrimp on giving people the tools they need to do their job will be pushed down the list.

Technology in the office is also key. Something as simple as excellent WiFi and installing USB outlets that allow people to use mobile devices across the office can be a massive boon for a tech-savvy graduate.

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Fit for business

Facilities such as showers and bike storage, as well as organising lunchtime and after hour’s fitness clubs can have a massive benefit to staff wellbeing and morale. 

Fully fitted kitchens for staff to make fresh, healthy meals are also in high demand. They convey a healthy, fulfilling place to work, and any incoming jobseeker will recognise your company as a wholesome place to work.

Benefits beyond

Research suggests that a cleverly designed office space can increase productivity levels by up to 20 per cent. So as well as making your office attractive to prospective talent, a few design tweaks can also have further benefits to your existing workforce. What are you waiting for?

Chris Jenkins is the project director at London-based office design company Peldon Rose.

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