Tackling Inflation As An SME: 5 Strategies For Corporate Success

It’s no secret that inflation is on the rise. After the annual inflation rate across the United Kingdom rose to 7% in March 2022, Brits are seeing their highest price hike since 1992. In response, we have explored five key strategies that could be crucial to small business success on the back of inflation’s profit pressure. Read on as we delve into the effects of price rises on an SME landscape and discuss the small changes small business owners should make if they want to stay afloat. 

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Preventing a Wage Spiral: How to Balance Talent Retention and Recruitment Post-Pandemic

The Great Resignation has presented a huge challenge for businesses that now have to balance retaining skilled talent with attracting new ones. As workers evaluate whether to stay with their current employer or move on, a Totaljobs survey reveals that 33% of UK working-age adults wish to review the current benefits and options their role offers. Therefore, organisations must take urgent steps to help them retain staff and succeed in recruiting – all whilst preventing an unsustainable wage spiral.

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neurodiverse recruitment

Hiring in a Neurodiverse World

Traditional hiring processes are not designed with neurodiverse candidates in mind. In fact, just 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment. But what businesses don’t quite understand is that having a neurodiverse workforce contributes to greater creativity and innovation, and encourages more unique ideas and perspectives. Evidence also suggests that neurodiverse employees have higher aptitudes for technical skills, as well as their ability to focus on tasks at hand.

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E-commerce and Social Media: A Changing Role

Social media has become a significant player in e-commerce, and it’s not just because it’s the platform of choice for millennials. More people are starting to use social media platforms to make purchases, ask questions, hunt for coupon and promo codes, seek help with returns, shipping issues, etc.

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How To Beat Loneliness In The Workplace

With Mental Health Week upon us, it is a timely moment to think about the way in which your business supports employees with mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. This is particularly the case in the light of recent changes that many have seen to their working model following COVID-19 and the growth in remote working.

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How To Get Started In Property Investment

The UK property market has always been one of the most popular markets to invest in, as it remains a clear opportunity to build long-term returns. Popular with new business owners and experienced investors alike, while recent property forecasts suggest the UK could see prices grow by 21.5% up till 2025, UK investing remains a reliable opportunity for maximising returns amidst low-interest rates and incredible demand.

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sustainable transport

How the Move Towards Cleaner Transport Fails to Address Safety

Sustainable transport solutions are constantly in the headlines as a means to fight climate change, but there is a missing link. People’s safety perceptions and risks need to be addressed. Failing to do this will reduce their adoption of alternative forms of sustainable transport – and the environment will pay the price. 

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Conquering Dragons’ Den with cheesegeek Founder, Edward Hancock

Real Business chats with cheesegeek Founder and successful Dragon’s Den candidate, Edward Hancock, about making the leap from finance to food and his experience on the popular BBC show. Hancock launched cheesegeek in 2017, an online subscription service for the best cheese selection to suit any occasion or cheese lover’s tastes.

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How Small Businesses Can Capitalise on Demographic Changes

While we’d all hoped that 2022 would bring some respite to UK small business owners, the next few months look set to present a whole new set of challenges as inflation continues to rise. Amidst this disruption, prioritising anything beyond the day-to-day of keeping a small business afloat seems daunting. Marketing and growing new customers can easily fall by the wayside.

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business reputation

Branded Content Can Be Key To Protecting Your Reputation

For a lot of businesses marketing and PR is often seen to have one ultimate goal – drive sales. The equation is simple, the more people who see your brand and are engaged by your message or content, the more likely they are to buy from you. But there is another side to communications that we talk about less – reputation management.

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IP Disputes – What Should SMEs Consider?

This March, UK supermarkets Waitrose and Asda became embroiled in the latest IP dispute, with Waitrose sending a legal letter to Asda after it released a discount product range that looked – well, suspiciously similar to Waitrose’s according to the supermarket.

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Eskimoz Conquers the European SEO Market

It is no wonder that Eskimoz has been able to conquer the European search engine optimization market. From 17 million euros raised by Momentum and more than 100 consultants working for them across 5 countries – they are truly a force in this industry.

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Reducing the Risk of Innovation in B2B

The world is changing so rapidly that even established businesses need to act like a startup. Operational efficiency and agility have become the prerequisite for long-term success. B2B businesses must demonstrate to their end customers that they can deliver a quality product today and focus on developing their resources, systems, and capabilities to remain competitive well into the future. 

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grief rituals

Why Leaders Should Consider Grief Rituals in the Workplace

We’ve seen two years of relentless grief caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and the world is now truly shaking as the horrors in Ukraine unfold. The despair and anxiety has been so persistent that there’s a danger we could become numb to it. We constantly look at the news feeds, but we do not feel their horror. They are data, and we remain detached.

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TikTok for Business: How to Market to Millions

Rob Neander, the Performance Director at Spin Brands talks through how your SME can capitalise on the social media platform taking the consumer by storm. Acting as one of the most valuable marketing tools, Rob Neander tells us how we can take the next step in marketing to millions.

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How Has COP26 Affected The Corporate Sector Six Months Later?

As we reach the six-month mark on the back of COP26, it’s clear that the corporate world is starting to hold itself accountable for its sustainable shortcomings. From prioritising bottom-up action to improving company transparency amongst a more active audience, a number of e-commerce giants are working towards a greener future.

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How Do You Integrate a Multi-Cultural Hybrid Team?

There’s no doubt that the pandemic accelerated some trends which were already in motion before the virus struck. One of which is flexible working, and after two years of living with successive lockdowns and enforced working from home, many SMEs have made the decision to fully embrace working from home and enact policies which mean employees can work wherever they like.

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How Can We Address the SME Funding Gap?

What if we lived in a world of abundance where all our basic needs were catered for? Set against the threats of climate change and geo-political tensions, this may seem fanciful but it has to be the ultimate aim of every nation. And prosperity through SME job creation is an absolutely essential part of this. Therefore, access to finance and the growth of confidence within the sector are the critical components required to achieve that.

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Where is Forex legal and illegal?

While the global forex market is one of the most liquid entities of its type in the world, this sector remains at the mercy of numerous challenges and misconceptions. Incredibly, the practice is even illegal in some jurisdictions, with some authorities believing them to be highly damaging and vulnerable to rigging in the worst-case scenario.

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best tools for creative freelancers

The Best Tools for Creative Freelancers

With 44% of millennials freelancing in the past year and 36% of Gen Z workers freelancing since the outbreak of COVID-19, the gig economy in the UK is growing more than ever. We’ve put together a few recommendations on platforms you could use to make your freelancer projects run smoothly.

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communication system

Can a New Communication System be a Game-changer for Your Company?

Today, all industries are so competitive, that the smallest advantage you can get on other companies from your industry, may make a great difference at the end of the year. Changing your communication system, to one using VoIP, is definitely one of these elements that will make you benefit and add to your revenues. Here is why.

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how to find the right employees

How To Find the Right Employees for Your Company?

A company is only as good as the sum of the qualities of its employees. No matter how great the product or the service it offers, if employees aren’t right, it will be difficult for the company to grow and thrive. Here are a few tips that will help you hire the right people for your company, in the future.

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lewis hamilton

Lewis Hamilton: Lessons in Resilience and Determination

Lewis Hamilton seems to go against the grain of conventional thinking, no emotional outbursts – rather appearing calm, composed, and gentle-natured. There’s no denying his steely determination to succeed, but this seems in stark contrast to descriptions of him as humble, caring, and altruistic – traits not often associated with pioneers.

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digital employee experience

Reinventing the Digital Employee Experience in 2022

Hybrid and remote working is now a reality for many and as a result, employees’ needs have substantially changed. Not only do employees now expect an environment of open communication with their employer, personalisation, efficiency and simplicity with processes – like timesheets or requesting leave – is also a necessity.

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digital skills gap

How a Digital Skills Gap Could Be Harmful to Your Business

A lack of digital literacy in any business could lead to higher costs, poor customer experience and low employee satisfaction. Dr Antonio Wiess, Senior Partner at The PSC and author of The Practical Guide to Digital Transformation, outlines what these threats could look like and how to combat them in an increasingly digitised world.

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TALA Raises £4.2m in Funding to Champion Sustainability

Grace Beverley might be one of the biggest social media influencer success stories as her fitness fashion brand TALA has taken the activewear market by storm. With her latest announcement, she champions what young consumers are looking for in their clothing: sustainability and affordability.

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Talisker Whiskey

Oldest Pair Breaks Record Rowing Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge

Guy Rigby, 68, and David Murray, 56, have become the oldest pair ever to row across the Atlantic ocean as part of the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. Founder and Chair of the Entrepreneurial Services Group at Smith & Williamson, Guy and his crew mate David, Director of Hotsmoked, investor, and sports enthusiast, set sail in December (2021) as part of ‘The Entrepreneur Ship’ to raise money for UnLtd. 

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self-doubt as an entrepreneur

How to Surmount Your Self-Doubt as an SME Entrepreneur

Do you ever have those days where you start to question what you’re doing? Not just whether this, that, or the other decision was right or wrong. But whether you should even be making those decisions in the first place. Externally you might appear bold and confident. But inside, you’re battling imposter syndrome. Because you’re an entrepreneur, and self-doubt is part of the package.

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net zero

5 Companies Committed to Hitting Net Zero in 2022

In 2019, the UK passed a law to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Since then, the Government has launched its Build Back Greener strategy which shows how businesses and individuals will be supported in their transition to renewable energy.

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Hiring process

Social First, CV Second: How Gen Z is Changing the Hiring Process

If you’re older than 25, you’ll still clearly remember the days when recruitment success came down to your application form and interview performance. The hours spent honing your CV were worth it because that carefully crafted document could open doors. Your professional presentation was all that mattered. But slowly but surely, the hiring process has changed.

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ocean club holidays

Ocean Club Holidays: Vertically Integrated, Organically Grown

As travel restrictions are lifted and the UK adjusts to a new normal post-pandemic, many holidaymakers who have missed the sun, beaches, and relaxation of a break abroad are clicking ‘book’ on escapes away. Family owned and run, Ocean Club Holidays, are excited to see the end of the travel bans, welcoming back loyal guests and new travellers.

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private capital

Private Capital Could Help Drive SMEs Forward on the Road to Recovery

Now that those temporary measures are no longer on the table, businesses are having to think about what permanent solutions are available to them to sustain them through the next stage of recovery and growth. Whether further bank lending will be forthcoming on favourable terms, or at all, is by no means certain, as many SMEs found to their dismay after the financial crisis. One alternative funding option worth investigating is private capital. It could be a game-changer for smaller companies.

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The New Year: The New Loyalty and Rewards Strategy

It is often true for any business that it is cheaper to retain existing customers than to try and attract new ones. Some of the best methods for encouraging customer loyalty is to offer consumers incentives to make repeat purchases or sign up for subscriptions. Using a loyalty and rewards program to drive sales, gather customer data, and improve customer retention is a tried-and-true strategy.

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The Book Boom: Publishing Sales Soar

As the nation retreated inside under numerous lockdowns, it seems we have turned to the comfort of literature to keep ourselves afloat in another year of stress and isolation. Last year’s book sales leapt to the highest figure in a decade – 212 million print books sold – despite our restricted access to in-person retail stores.

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What Business Owners Need to Know about Workplace Mental Health Support

The third Monday of January, dubbed ‘Blue Monday’, is a day in which many are often more down. Pay day still feels like a lifetime off, and the blues have well and truly set-in. Leading chartered psychologist and founder of ‘Healthy You’, Dr Jan Smith, explains what you need to have in place to support the mental wellbeing of your staff in the workplace.

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enterprise search

Planning to Upscale: How Can Enterprise Search Solutions Support SME Growth?

Keeping a coherent and accurate record of crucial information and important content can be a serious struggle for businesses, especially when working in separate teams and in different locations. This can be especially difficult when you set your sights on upscaling your business, adding more staff, more clients, and potentially more locations. Enterprise search solutions can help you and your workforce access necessary information and data quickly and easily, cutting down the time taken searching multiple systems for the relevant files.

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print magazines

Are Print Magazines Still Viable in our Increasingly Digital Lifestyles?

In the face of rising digitalisation and the popularity of the minimalism aesthetic, the viability of print magazines might be waning as we step into a more sustainable future. The pandemic restricted our ability to browse the supermarket and slip a last-minute glossy magazine with a scintillating title into our baskets, but will we return to picking up a GQ, Cosmopolitan, or Good Housekeeping with our weekly shopping?

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simplify your small business

3 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Small Business For Streamlined Success

The world of entrepreneurship and operating a business is by no means an easy one, so making things as streamlined and easy as possible can only be a good thing. There are small  changes that can be made and systems that can be implemented as a way to try and action this simplification and in the long run will save you time and energy.

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importance of company culture

The Importance of Company Culture for Recruitment Agencies

The recruitment industry has seen change unlike any other year due to the coronavirus pandemic, leading to global skills and labour shortages. With over one in four workers planning to change jobs in what has been deemed ‘The Great Resignation’, securing the right candidate for a job is proving to be difficult.

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There’s Bias in Burnout, and Things Need to Change

In different workplace settings across the world, the strange and unsettling feeling of exhaustion – known as ‘burnout’ – has taken many workers by surprise. With cases on the rise in our society, following the fallout of a disruptive global pandemic, many have studied the phenomenon of burnout. Interestingly, the problem runs deeper. Burnout is, after all, biased.

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working smarter

4 Tips for Working Smarter, Not Harder

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t as productive as you could be? If so, you’re in the right place because we’re looking at a few surefire ways to boost productivity. There’s lots to cover, so let’s get cracking…

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Living the Laptop Lifestyle with Social Cactus

When we were told in March 2020 to ‘stay at home’, many businesses were thrust into an unknown world, fortunately for me and my team at Social Cactus Coaching, we have been practiced in remote working since I founded the company in 2017.

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Christmas TV advert

The Competition to Create the Best Christmas TV Advert

The hype that surrounds the release of Christmas adverts from brands like John Lewis, Waitrose, and Marks and Spencer signals the start of the festive shopping experience, as retailers fill their TV slots with short film-like adverts that seem to be getting bigger and more expensive each year.

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virtual event

How To Crush Your Virtual Event

The pandemic shut the doors on in-person events and businesses had to adapt fast. Virtual events became the go-to option and proved incredibly effective. Now, a shift in approach appears to be staying for the long term, with one UK survey finding 72% of businesses will maintain virtual events going forward, and 77% will pursue a more hybrid approach.

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new omicron restrictions

Some Businesses Won’t Survive This Christmas Under New Omicron Restrictions

As the Omicron variant sweeps the UK, new restrictions to help slow the spread could be the final nail in the coffin for hospitality businesses. Many small retail, food, and hospitality businesses across the country were relying on the festive period to prop up their profits after a disastrous year of lockdowns and restrictions prevented them from trading at full capacity.

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How your SME can capitalise on the Festive Season

It is clear that Christmas is the most wonderful yet hectic time of year for businesses. As the reindeers rally to Santa’s sleigh and the elves get to work, the excitement builds alongside the influx of anticipating consumers wondering what your SME has to offer.

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team building ideas

5 Unique and Engaging Team Building Ideas

Team building, whether for the workplace or with family and friends, is an excellent way to strengthen interpersonal relationships while strengthening a variety of essential skills. After all, teamwork is known to increase deep learning through human engagement, problem-solving, dialogue, cooperation, and collaboration.

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skills shortage

The Skills Shortage Creating a Crisis in the Jobs Market

UK companies are always on the hunt for high calibre, talented recruits with a broad range of skills. As companies continue to expand roles to maintain profit margins, the fallout from COVID-19 has created a unique situation of highly marketable candidates that are difficult to attract.

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Starting Out in a New Market

Founder and CEO of Alicia J Diamonds, Alison Cooper talks through what you can do as a business owner to start in a new market through the art of innovation and strategic planning.

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6 Tips for Selling your Business

If you’re planning to sell your business, for whatever reason, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that you start planning early. To attract the highest possible interest, it makes sense to put in the hard work as soon as possible to make your business appealing to prospective buyers.

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Cybersecurity Business Leading the Charge Against Business Threats

Despite the prevalence of cybercrime and the cybersecurity industry, many UK SMEs do not have the right protection in place to safeguard their business and their customers. That’s where companies like Computer Network Defence Ltd (CND) play a vital role in helping small UK companies build the tools and knowledge they need to trade safely in the increasingly digital world of business.

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Talisker Rowing Challenge

“The Entrepreneur Ship” Takes on the Talisker Rowing Challenge

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is known as “the world’s toughest row” with participants rowing over 3,000 miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua. Perhaps not a situation many entrepreneurs find themselves in but Guy Rigby and David Murray, the team members of “The Entrepreneur Ship”, decided to take on this immense challenge last year and are soon set to row the massive distance as the oldest (combined age is 124) team to complete the journey.

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pay rise

What Lidl’s Pay Rise Shows Us About the Competition for Staff?

Last week, Lidl announced that, as of March next year, all employees outside of London will be receiving a significant pay rise. The new £10.10 entry level wage for all Lidl employees follows Morrison’s pay increase earlier this year, becoming the first supermarket in the UK to pay its staff at least £10 per hour.

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Speaking your Mind as an Introvert in the Workplace

You may have never experienced being in a boardroom, with the overwhelming feeling of paranoia that you aren’t speaking enough or like you are coming across as being disinterested in the conversation. However, for us introverts this is a daily struggle. Training consultant and Founder of ‘Flourishing Introverts’, Joanna Rawborne has over 24 years experience working with those who struggle with just this, and she explains her tips on what you can do to speak your mind when you feel like it’s “just not the right time”.

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rising rent

Could Rising Rent Prices Force Out SMEs?

Rising rent prices are increasing at a pace we haven’t seen in over a decade. The high rent costs could become unsustainable for small businesses with bricks-and-mortar stores or offices in London and other major cities.

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The Rising Wages Impact on Small Businesses

Last month, it was announced that next April (April 1st, 2022) the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage are set to increase. Subsequently, this has had a knock-on effect with the Real Living Wage now being raised to £9.90 for the 300,000 employees whose employers have voluntarily joined the scheme.

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Black Friday Success: Ditch the Discounts and Get Creative

Real Business predicts what Black Friday will look like in 2021 and recommends what you should be doing in order to compete in the saturated market of retail. Now considered one of the most significant shopping events on the retail calendar, there is no denying that UK small businesses’ must not ignore the novelty despite it being over-exhausted by online retail giants.

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Doing Business in the USA: ESTA or Visa?

The USA opened its borders again on 8 November, meaning business trips and holidays to The States are possible again. Here, we’ll briefly go over what travel permit you need for a business trip to the US: an ESTA or a work visa.

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The Pros and Cons of Prioritising Growth over Profitability

Entrepreneur and leader, Jessica Kruger discusses why it’s time to stop focusing on profitability and more on growth. Ultimately, the growth of a company is the point where you are reaching expansion and allows for you to seek additional options in order to generate more profit. So, if you aren’t considering growth within your business strategy maybe it’s time you should.

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facebook to meta

Facebook to Meta: The Risk of Rebranding

Just as another Facebook scandal hit our news waves with former employee Frances Haugen imploring regulators to take serious action against the social media giant, the company did their best to play the ultimate reverse card. A total company-wide rebrand. It unfortunately and understandably fell flat.

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community champions

How Businesses Thrive as Community Champions

Admittedly bittersweet, the past eighteen months have reminded our, at times, fragmented world of the power of community engagement and what we can achieve when working together. Neighbours pulled together to support vulnerable community members, be it picking up their shopping or checking in regularly by phone; schools and other public institutions flung open their doors to act as vaccination centres; we stood together, weekly, to recognise our healthcare system and other key workers.

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recruitment in 2021

Recruitment in: Has the Outlook Changed?

After the past 18 months of economic uncertainty, it seems an odd time for unemployment rates to fall to record lows. Nevertheless, we have witnessed a significant downward shift in the availability of candidates since mid-July, with the number of job seekers applying for roles appearing to decrease almost daily.

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diversity-led businesses

Levelling the Playing Field for Diversity-Led Businesses

Entrepreneurship can be extremely rewarding. The opportunity to be your own boss, making money doing something you love or getting the chance to meet like-minded people — these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of being a self-employed entrepreneur.

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6 Tricks that will Treat your SME this Halloween

The spooky season is the perfect time of year for SMEs; it’s an exhilarating window of opportunity to enhance your business in so many ways. The festivities reaps much more than just tasty treats for enterprises. It can be both profitable and exciting for SMEs that choose to incorporate anything and everything Halloween.

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Why “Going Independent” Means Quicker Lead Times and a Higher Level of Customer Service

Independents have been having somewhat of a revival over the past two years, namely due to the pandemic and Brexit but also thanks to consumers wants and needs for a higher level of customer service, the opportunity to be able to speak to someone and the need for a more sustainable product offering. Managing Director and Founder of Polypouch UK, Stephen Frankel explains why you should consider going independent to improve the logistics of your business.

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The Importance of Prioritising Diversity in Leadership Roles

Recent research conducted by Workday, a leader in cloud applications for finance and HR, in partnership with Sapio, has found that despite the economics issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 75% of UK businesses plan to maintain or increase their ED&I investment and introducing new initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion.

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Be a leader, not a boss

Be a leader, not a boss

In the world of business, we have bosses…and then we have leaders. If you are a manager, supervisor, or business owner, you should carefully analyse

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growing your business

Growing Your Business Through Innovation and Sustainability

Paul Alder, Vistafolia’s founder and expert horticulturist and technical landscaper, details advice on how to promote innovation in a company culture and maximise growth potential. An experienced visionary, Paul is utilising sustainability to innovate a lacklustre artificial living wall market with a fresh product.

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Is Your Business Too Reliant On Facebook?

Last night we saw the worst Facebook outage since 2008, only this time round, many of SMEs are now relying on the operations of Facebook and it’s apps, Instagram and WhatsApp. Has the outage underscored the reliance our economy has on the tech giant, and not just as idle entertainment?

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What is a MVP?

What is an MVP?

In the world of business, MVP stands for a minimum viable product. It is a technique that was made popular by Eric Ries when he

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Mindfulness Practices Leaders Should Encourage Their Employees To Take

As we celebrate International Happiness at Work Week 2021, Real Business are encouraging you and your workforce to be happy, starting at the place you probably spend most of your time. Spiritual leader and mindfulness expert, Arika Trimnell gives her take on what you should be doing to be more mindful in the workplace, and how you should encourage your team to be doing them same.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels at Work

We believe that one of the main priorities as a business owner is to look after your workforce, and as we celebrate ‘International Happiness at Work Week 2021’, we have been highlighting how you can do this. Renowned Neurophysiologist, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan explains how you can increase your energy levels through the simple things, which can make the biggest difference to you and your workforce’s happiness.

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The Importance of Exercise to your Employees

We all know how important exercise is within our daily routines; not just for our body but for the sanity of our mind too. This is especially true with the busy schedule of our workforce. Founder of The Engagement Coach, Amrit Sandhar, describes the positive impact physical activity could provide within your work environment.

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What Small Businesses Can Learn From Space Exploration

Mission Commander and Billionaire, Jared Isaacman and his team, ‘Inspiration4′, are set to be the first all-civilian orbital mission to space this afternoon, nearly 50 years after the United States’ first space station was launched. What can a small business today learn something from a relatively unknown part of NASA’s Space Program? Dwight Steven-Boniecki, director of the film Searching For Skylab: America’s Forgotten Triumph explains.

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Job Vacancies hit a record high in the UK

Last Summer we prepared ourselves for a job crisis, instead businesses are struggling to fill positions. It was reported this morning by The Office of National Statistics (ONS) that job vacancies in the UK have risen above one million; a new record high.

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“Let’s Talk Turkey” on Price Increases

Reading the latest business headlines makes for rather a surreal experience now. Previous predictions of financial freefall, mass job losses and overheating interest rates have been turned on their heads. The good news is that demand is well and truly back with a bang.

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Top Strategies for a Successful Rewards Program

Loyalty and rewards programs can help businesses increase their customer lifetime value and customer retention. In order to, compete with high technology-driven consumer companies like Amazon, Apple, or PayPal, for repeated business and to build customer relationship by providing personalised content or discounts and value for money.

There are various types of loyalty programs but what are some of the key strategies for launching a successful rewards program?

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How to Become a Morning Person

Renowned Neurophysiologist and Sleep Expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan explains how you can maximise your working-performance by doing these simple steps to ultimately being a morning person.

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