Huddle: Go big or go home

Huddle is one of Britain’s growing success stories.

Founded by Alastair Mitchell and Andy McLoughlin in London, this online collaboration and hosted workspace startup has managed to crack the US and is taking on the rest of the world.

Alastair Mitchell gave an insightful talk at the London Funding Conference, which you can watch below.

Some key messages:

  • get customers involved early and create something tangible
  • go for a high valuation early on
  • choose a high net worth individual over an angel
  • make yourself look big
  • timing is crucial in the tech sector
Mitchell also gives five takeaways for when you meet potential investors. His talk is definitely worth watching ? enjoy! 

Real Business is proud to be the London Funding Conference’s media partner. The London Funding Conference, and these exclusive videos, are supported by NatWest, Keystone Law, Gatway2Investment, Business Link, Capital Enterprise and the British Library Business & IP Centre.

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