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“I love dirty, filthy sub-contractors”

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How fantastic is technology?! Here I am, on a train, all 3G dongled up, travelling at 90 miles an hour, armed with only a Blackberry. Just amazing. It’s a changing world. My office is wherever I can get a signal and an internet connection.

Salubrious Ivory Tower offices rock, until of course you have a couple of months of bad sales and still have to pay for your frosted glass offices in the West End. At which point they suck.

Forget it.

You know what I use Sub-contractors for everything.

I’m MD of 4Networking, which has the largest national joined up business breakfast network helpdesk. And you know what” I still sub out our call answering.

Creative design: sub it out.

Web development team: sub it out


You get the point.

Although I do actually write my own RB columns – got to keep it real.


Let’s just compare the hunger that a grubby subby possesses with the average motivation of a drone employee. Because that’s the great thing about being employed: if you can’t be arsed working, you just pretend. It’s great – you still get paid.

In my old employment days, if the boss walked in, I became a master of moving the mouse top right to close down that Sky Sports window with ease. A lightning speed talent.

Hi Steve, I’ll get that report to you later today.

As soon as the boss’ back is turned…

Facebook. Are you a pirate Do you wear an eyepatch” You are 63 per cent a pirate. That’ll still be £14 quid, boss man.

The same can’t be said when you run your own business, the onus is on you to keep your business afloat so you stay hungry.

Hang about! Perhaps that’s what the government needs to be doing: encouraging the greater use of sub-contractors.

Pigs might fly. You’re unlikely to see the government do anything, apart from taking taxes. It’s down to you to get going. You don’t need a seatbelt campaign to know you should be wearing a seatbelt.

You know the other great benefit of working with subs” You get to choose the best of the best of the best. Before you go rushing to get that fulltime employee, ask yourself why.

I’ve got an entire virtual company. When I open the virtual office door, there’s someone getting paid, but also working.

Sub-contractors used to be seen as second class citizens. Not in my world. These guys are this season’s employees.

You want to take a small business to a big one

Sub-contractors: they’re hungry. Hungry is good.

Brad Burton is an author, genius (he wrote this biog, FYI) and speaker and can often be found swanning around the UK with a pizza box. No really.

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