I spot the finishing line

Second-in-Charge looking somewhat pale but at work – just – muttering “mind over matter” at regular intervals, so am assuming she’s suffering not from swine flu but normal flu. 

Cannot say feel remotely perky myself but could just be the effect of living with builder chaos and dust all week, rendering my smoking self struggling to breathe and thoroughly knackered. (Will give up again soon, soon, soon!) However, we have both reached Friday on our feet, which is achievement in itself.   On top of that, had huge brainstorming session and, between us, finally got whole of next year’s new designs under way. Only three months late but at least it is moving! Second-in-Charge has been doing such a fine job in streamlining production that we are sufficiently ahead that we can aim to produce the whole lot in next two weeks, which will be huge weight off shoulders.     Meanwhile, have been knee-deep in CVs for four jobs we are recruiting for. As usual, more than half the ones that I actually selected have cancelled their interviews at last minute. Why do people do this?! However, am close to making decisions on all fronts now, and should be there by Monday, fingers crossed.     New brochure designs, recruitment, re-building of my poor house – all could be completed in next week or so! Limp on. The finishing line’s in site!

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