ICU Global grabs international opportunities

The company currently employs six people in the UK and is anticipating turnover of £3m this year. But McKenzie says it’s easy to expand into other countries even when you’re a small business so long as you can provide "the same quality assurance to end users”. He adds: “Technology allows you to provide full-support, virtual operations in other countries.”

The countries in question have been selected because they offer the greatest opportunities for ICU Global. “It’s good to have a base in Germany because you can easily access the rest of Europe,” McKenzie offers.

“Meanwhile, Ireland has a large number of companies from continental Europe and the US investing in it so there is good opportunity in the context of new technology.

“Then, there’s a thriving technology centre in India.”

However, McKenzie also has personal ties to Germany having been born there and has been able to take advantage of the possibilities in India because a former employee returned home to the subcontinent. “Therefore there was an opportunity to move into the main cities of India,” he says.

ICU Global’s dealings with China are only at an early stage. The company is doing research and development work with a Chinese counterpart and McKenzie notes: “It’s a situation that will only grow.”

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