Idea of the week: Fold-up scooter

The Swifty One scooter, designed?by Manchester-based husband and wife design team Jason and Camilla Iftakhar,?was introduced at the London Design Festival last week.

The folding scooter has 16-inch pneumatic wheels on the front and rear, and?weighs in at 7.5kg. The?scooter can be folded down to take onto the bus/train or stored under your desk.?It’s available in either matt black or white and?retails at ?450.

?With rising petrol prices, people are looking to alternative transport to save on costs and time,” says Camilla?Iftakhar.?”The Swifty One is practical ? no need for special lycra gear or messy bike chains ? plus it?s fun and easy to ride. The product demonstrates how British innovation can really fill a gap in the market for a public wanting to save on travel and transport.?

The scooter is manufactured locally in Manchester, and assembled in the Swifty Scooters workshop.

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