Idea of the week: seed paper

London-based SeedPaper takes 100 per cent high grade recycled paper and embeds it with seeds to create print stationary.

When planted, it can grow into anything from vegetables to flowers. We’re talking business cards that grow into mint; posters that grow into daisies; and flyers that grow into carrots.

SeedPaper is a green alternative to standard stationary, direct mail and other marketing material. The printing process uses both soy-based inks and organic pigments.

The company has sold its products to organisations including RSA, Pentland Group, Sainsbury’s and Unilever. Advertising agency Clear Channel now prints all of its business cards on seed paper. (We checked out the costs if you’re ordering 500-999 business cards, they’ll cost 50p each, or 74p each if double-sided.)

SeedPaper is the brainchild of Anthony Ganjou, founder of CURB Media, which spearheaded the eco-ad campaigns movement, using filtered rainwater to literally “clean” ads into the pavement.

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