I’m a John Lennon for a new generation

Today was one of those days. I got up and just couldn’t be bothered. I took my boy to school and when I got back I played some Xbox 360 before calling it a morning and heading back to bed.

See, this is something that I talk about in my book. If I was still an employee, this is the bit where I’d begin pretending to work; after all I’d still get paid.

When I talk in my seminars about pretending to work I often see eyes rolling and sighs. We’ve all done it, the difference is that I admit it.

Back to the real world. About 90 minutes of dozing later, I woke up just after noon and had a cup of coffee. The I got right back in to HARDCORE work mode.

When you run your own business, work when you want, rest when you can and actually don’t feel guilty.

When you work for someone else and cant be arsed (technical term but I think you get the gist), look busy and don’t let the boss know you’re skiving.

After all you’re human.

Not a robot

Brad Burton is the wacky entrepreneur behind 4Networking and a top motivational speaker. His business book www.getoffyourarse.biz is available right now and makes for a perfect Christmas Gift, (so he tells us).

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