I’m an entrepreneur because…

I came across a great campaign by the British Library’s Business & IP Centre on Twitter today, which Real Business is keen to throw its support behind.

The campaign, #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause, is Twitter-based, and offers interesting insights and stories as to why entrepreneurs do what they do.

Some examples:

@MissAtherstone: #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause I love the freedom it gives me to innovate and make decisions ? I like being my own boss.

@ChildCoach: #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause I dare to turn my dreams into reality.

@LouisCrusoe: #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause if you want to change something it’s best to do it yourself.

@OlyFly: #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause I don’t like anyone telling me what to do and I can only live by doing what I love.

@FarnazKhan: #ImAnEntrepreneur Because I dared to dream. I broke down barriers and relished the challenge.

@KieronGarlic: #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause I want to be rewarded for doing a good job.

@WideAware: #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause as a mum, disabled person and rebel, it’s the only option.

@SquidLondon: #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause we get to create colourful things for colourful people! 🙂

What makes you tick? Why are you an entrepreneur? Tweet your answer using the #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause hashtag.

Looking for inspiration? Search for #ImAnEntrepreneurBecause on Twitter, or check out the British Library’s Business & IP Centre website.

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