Improve your marketing with these three simple steps

If aren?t telling your prospective clients or customers “why” they should buy from you, or work with you, then it?s almost certain that they don?t know. And when they don?t know, they are they are much less likely to choose you.

Being clear about your “why”, and communicating it effectively to your potential clients and customers, is the fastest way to make your marketing more effective.

Follow these three simple to harness the power of “why” in your marketing.

(1) Be clear about WHY someone should use your service or buy your product

Many businesses concentrate on telling clients about the features of their product or services. They proudly list all those features or detail the amount of time that will be spent providing the service. They then expect the clients or customers to work out why those features are a good thing for them.

This is definitely not the best way to sell anything. Not only do your clients and customers not translate those features into “benefits” in their minds, but your marketing looks just like your competitors? and you don?t stand out.

So instead you need to educate your potential clients and customers about why they need (or should want) your product or service in the first place. What will it do for them? How will they be better off with it than without it? Will it save them time, money, frustration? Or will it bring them peace of mind, safety, enjoyment? Be clear about why they should want what you have to offer and they are more likely to actually want it.

Warning: if your client doesn?t know why they need your product or service in the first place (in other words, they don?t know they have a problem you solve or what the consequences of that problem are), then nothing you say about the benefits of your service or why they should choose you will make any difference. 

So, to take a fictional example: if you sell a product which removes toxins in the air caused by computers, but your target customers don?t know that computers produce toxins, or the adverse effect of those toxins, they won?t want your product. 

In this situation, you must first educate them about why they need your product using education-based marketing. Then they will know why they need the solution your product provides and now they are ready to hear why they should choose your particular product over your competitors? products.

Why is it that a customer should choose you over your competitors? Find out on the next page, and learn how to improve your communication with customers.

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