Improving the recruitment process with an SEO strategy

recruitment seo strategy

You can achieve this through Google real estate but it is competitive and costly. Another option would be to use a well prepared pay-per-click (PPC) programme to achieve top position, although highly competitive keywords can be expensive. Businesses should consider a great SEO strategy (search engine optimisation) to help reduce costs.

From keywords to mobile optimising, great content and social media, we’ve?provided?eight simple SEO strategy steps that can begin to push business vacancies up the Google rankings.

Step one of?SEO strategy: Understanding keywords

For your keywords to be successful you need to understand what a candidate will search for when trying to find a new job. You can do this by making the process easy and the key is to keep keywords simple.

A candidate is likely to search ?marketing jobs in Liverpool? so industry specific and geographic terms are more likely to give you results.

On the other hand, don?t just use keywords that are popular, keep them simple but remember they can also be terms that are less commonly searched. Checking where your business sits in the Google rankings today is a good touchstone for assessing future performance.

Step two of?SEO strategy: Don?t forget meta descriptions and meta titles

Never underestimate the power of meta titles and descriptions. It is easy to assume that SEO strategy is nothing more than optimised keywords on the landing page but they are significant tools.

Meta descriptions are used on search engine results pages to display preview snippets for a given page and should provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages. For SEO strategy purposes they should be based on keywords and relevant to the rest of the web page, including other meta data and content.

Step three of?SEO strategy: Be creative

Once you understand keywords and Meta titles/descriptions you can be more creative. Short tail searches such as ?Marketing Jobs in Liverpool? are important but they are also likely to be highly competitive, making it hard to rise through the Google rankings. To really rank up you should think about the long tail terms candidates might use ? such as ?Where do I find a job in Liverpool? Using Google Analytics is a good way to see what search terms being used are actually showing your website in the results.

?Step four of?SEO strategy: Create lots of content

A blog is the easiest way to keep content updated. It can discuss lots of different subjects that are relevant to both clients and candidates and reinforce your business?s industry expertise. You should suggest helpful content such as what to wear to an interview or Interview question techniques.

?Over on the next page, continue for details on localisation, getting social and more in order to improve your firm’s recruitment process with?an?SEO strategy.

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