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In ten years well see the rise of human body designers and freelance biohackers

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In a speech at The American Enterprise Institute in 2014,entrepreneur Bill Gatesclaimed that in 20 years several jobs will have been replaced bysoftwareAutomation particularly those oflow-skilled positions.

This outlook is by no means a new one. In 1930 one John Keynes wrote about a world where grandchildren would be richer than their grandparents but that technological unemployment would be a “new disease asour discovery of means of economising the use of labour would outrun the pace at which we can find new uses for labour.

But while many go on to divulge how numerous jobs will become obsolete as a result, author Cathy Davidson suggested it made room for new roles to be created with some already on the verge of making an appearance. So for those curious to know what type of roles you’ll soon be looking to fill, we tapped into Microsoft Surface and The Future Laboratory research and here’s what we found.

Human body designer

Engineering advances will extend the average healthy human life as the growth of replacement tissues and organs becomes an everyday and affordable proposition. HBDs will use bio-engineering know-how to create a huge range of customised human limbs.

Virtual habitat designer

By 2025, millions of us will spend hours each day working and learning in virtual reality environments. A VHD will design and create these worlds. These designers will be the superstar pioneers of the industry, leaving behind game design and joining product teams to create exciting new entertainment, work and learning environments,” suggested Dave Miller, recruiter at Artefact.

Ethical technology advocate

There will be an extra 55,790 new jobs in the field of robotic engineering by 2018 alone, research by has revealed. An ETA will negotiate our delicate relationship with the robots by setting the moral and ethical rules under which the machines operate and exist. Essentially, they’ll ensure we don’t have an “I, Robot” situation on our hands.

Digital cultural commentator

In ten years time, visual communication will dominate social media. This is already apparent with Instagram set to grow 15 per cent in 2016 compared to just three per cent for the wider social network sector. DCCs will effectively communicate entire stories through an image alone.

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