India beckons for MarketClusters

MarketClusters’ flagship product is a digital media intelligence offering called StrategyEye. It provides real-time information on the changes ocurring across the sector.

Gregg says: “India is one country we want to go into. We can remotely allow Indian writers to input their stories into the system. For example, they would write about a M&A rumour in India and it would get picked up.

“We’ve got a lot of Indian feeds and we’ve got a number of partners out there but there’s a huge opportunity to sell into the Indian media.”

MarketClusters already has employees in Australia and it’s building staff numbers on the West Coast of the US. “The idea originally to have people in Australia was so that they could write a newsletter overnight and get it out early in the day in Europe,” Gregg says.

Having people in the US also means they can write overnight “but they’re also in the heart of things”, Gregg says.

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