Inspired by “Wolf of Wall Street” father, Jordan Belfort’s son starts business degree

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, it was revealed that Boulianne intended to follow Belfort into the world of business.

Boulianne, who has moved to the Gold Coast, was helped by Belfort himself ? who served 22 months in jail for fraud between 2004 and 2006. He made millions in the 1990s by fleecing investors through his investment company, Stratton Oakmont. 

He claimed that growing up around Belfort allowed him to see first hand what it would be like to be an entrepreneur.

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?It totally resonated with me,? he said. ?So getting a degree in business was the first obvious step.?

Furthermore, he told the Gold Coast Bulletin that he was ?enjoying? bachelor life at Bond University.

?I plan on staying at least two years ? enough to complete my degree ? but who knows, I may end up staying longer and getting my masters,? he said. ?I have a roommate that I?ve just met and we get along well.?

Still participating in the university’s Orientation Week, Boulianne admitted to the reasons why he chose Bond.

He said: ?I have liked Bond since I first checked out the campus. I love the area, the class sizes and the few teachers that I was lucky enough to meet.?

Boulianne explained that on a visit to the campus, he sat in a negotiations class ? which ?sealed the deal? to him wanting to study business at Bond.

According to the Bulletin, Belfort suggested that he may one day follow Boulianne’s footsteps in moving to the Coast.

?I think the GC is totally awesome and a great place to live,? he said. ?You guys are lucky to live there ? great weather, great food, great beaches, great surfing and great people. Who knows, maybe one day I will move there but until then I?ll certainly be a frequent visitor thanks to my son.?

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