Internet entrepreneur makes money out of Twitter

Navarro’s bright idea,, allows people to recommend items from their favourite retailers by putting a link on Twitter.

If your followers click on the link and buy something from the website, a proportion of the sale price goes to a charity. At the moment, Dogs Trust, a fund for rehoming, or Crisis are the featured causes.

Navarro told the Evening Standard: “I’m a huge fan of Twitter, but I really wanted to use it for something a bit more useful. I had already developed most of the technology for a commercial version so it was relatively simple to alter it for Twitter.”

To use the service, log on to your preferred e-tailer and select the product you wish to recommend. By pasting the link into, you create a tweet that goes live on your Twitter homepage.

And this product isn’t just for good causes: a commercial version is currently available to allow publishing companies to make money from their content.

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