Intrapreneurship: the key to unlocking employee engagement

I tend to paint a picture of a happy employee who creates real value for the organisation. Someone who loves what he/she is doing, who transforms ideas into tangible outcomes and radiates positive energy.

Engaged employees see it as their personal mission to contribute the best they can to the organisation?s goal. They have a sense of ownership as if it were their own company. They understand how their role adds up to the big picture and they feel appreciated, recognised, and actively maintain a healthy blend of work and life.

And although all of this can be achieved, traditional organisational models are designed for employees to colour within the lines. Most managers don?t want you to act as if it is your own business. Somewhere deep down in the fabric of most organisational cultures lies distrust in employees ? based on a belief that they are not able and capable of coming up with great ideas and creating real value.

In today?s uber-competitive and ever-changing context of business, it?s all about agility. Everyone involved directly with customers should be involved in continuous innovation efforts. And everyone working directly with partners should be leading in getting the best results out of these partnerships.

When given more room and freedom to use their entrepreneurial skills, employees will come up with the best solutions for problems at hand. Humans are hardwired to do so and love it.

If you want your employee engagement to soar, start implementing intrapreneurship. Start creating a culture wherein employees are empowered to drive small and big changes, and wherein they get support from mentors and seasoned professionals to succeed. An appraoch wherein you get ideas from everybody interested, often exposing you to previously hidden talents within your busines.

There are many ingredients for implementing intrapreneurship, but no single recipe with the best outcome. At the Intrapreneurship Conference 2013, experienced intrapreneurs and inspiring experts share how they implemented intrapreneurship and show you how you could do that as well. You get a ten per cent discount on the attendance fee if you use the code ?RealBusiness” on the registration page.

Intrapreneurship is not just another tool for innovation or a one-time burst of inspiration. It is a completely new way of doing business, that will get you better business results, but maybe even more important, it will turn your disengaged employees into highly engaged innovators.

Anis Bedda and Jean-Yves Huwart co-founded BottomUp Innovation to help organisations innovate from the bottom up using the principles of Intrapreneurship, open innovation and crowd sourcing. They help organisations tap into the potential of their staff to generate innovation in return of engagement and fulfilment at work. Annis and Jean-Yves are organising the Intrapreneurship Conference for the third time this year. 

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