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Investing in our Future Health with Jani Moran

Flexibility is often a key asset in the world of business and in unprecedented times, it can be the difference between sinking or swimming. So, when a thriving opportunity presented itself to businessman Jani Moran, he stepped into a completely new market and threw his support behind a world changing product.

With a background in financial services, prior to October 2019, Moran had been working with a team trading derivative in a private hedge fund in Mayfair. The work gave him the chance to meet high-net worth investors with similar interests in golf and sport. The network of likeminded individuals highlighted a space in the market for a sports management business. Incorporated in October 2019, everything was ready for a January launch in 2020. Then the world came to a dizzying halt.

“It was an interesting time to launch that business, we’ve done a lot of work in the background to make sure that when things settle down and return to normal, we are ready to enter the market again. I knew lots of people through the hedge fund, many played golf and enjoyed sports in general, and I saw an opportunity of how we could make a business from our common interests and respective networks. We just didn’t see March 2020 coming.”

Plans paused for the time being, Moran pivoted. Introduced to Clenzair by fellow investors, he instantly saw the enormous potential of the business and has since thrown his full support behind the brand. Clenzair is a subsidiary of the Airway group, a traditional air conditioning and ventilation company and was established to source and supply air purification products certified to kill COVID-19 in light of the pandemic. With its patented system, the company claims the technology can kill 99.9% all air-borne pathogens including Sars 2- Covid 19 from both surfaces and air.

Quite an incredible statement but one that is backed by science. The Clenzair system uses a method called needlepoint bipolar ionisation. Ions are a naturally occurring phenomena. The numbers of ions in outside air compared to the number in the inside air of a building is significantly higher.

Have you ever been told that fresh air will make you feel better” Well, it’s true.

The reason for that, according to Moran, is that we are breathing concentrated ionised air outdoors, instead of the air we breathe inside, which has a limited number of ions. The Clenzair technology creates ions and effectively floods the room with them. As an entirely natural method, there are no chemicals, no ozone, no by-products and the Ions neutralise a virus on contact.

Moran’s involvement with Clenzair is quite the divergence from sports management and financial services So, why invest in a such a vastly different market and product?

His focus is on future-proofing our businesses, schools, care facilities and hospitality industry. Everyone is very aware that the threat of another pandemic sits on the horizon. Containing transmission is one of the key steps in preventing another outbreak or increasing infection rates. Unlike fogging, which requires people to vacate the treated premises, the Clenzair system can run 24/7 in the background, without causing harm to anyone using the space. This is crucial for buildings with low mobility occupants, like care homes, and significantly reduces the chance of infection spreading.

“I want it to become the standard, the benchmark of a safe environment. I will probably spend the next couple years with the group to get Clenzair into as many businesses as possible to make sure we don’t have to go through another year like 2020.”

His investment in the system not only stems from his own experience of the pandemic and its impact on his blossoming business, but also from working in London, where air pollution levels have become dangerously high. Air pollution accounts for over 20,000 early deaths in the UK every year (Sustran, 2019) and has been cited as a cause in the increased diagnoses of asthma in young children. Clenzair flushes pollutants from the air and would potentially revolutionise living conditions in major towns and cities. The system is popular and widely established in the US and Moran is ready to replicate that success with the UK market. As a person who balances many different businesses and projects, his most important piece of advice is to be authentic. Letting yourself shine through in your business is one of your best assets when trading. Being original and pushing your USP is just as vital.

“The crucial thing in any sector is trying to find how you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Historically, success isn’t achieved through being the lowest price, it’s about doing something that your competitors just aren’t doing or aren’t able to. It sounds a lot easier than it is. That is the key for me, getting involved in projects that are different, tangibly different, and where you think you can contribute and make a difference.”

We asked Moran how he would define success. He considered his answer for a few moments before dividing his definition between what he considered personal success and business success.

“Personal success for me is being able to look after my family, staying healthy and building wonderful memories with them.  Success in business is doing things thoroughly, properly, professionally and profitably so that everyone involved is rewarded, has fun and makes a difference.



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