Is a $3,000 cruise on world’s most technologically advanced river ship right for you?

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The introduction of live views actually marks a first for the river industry, according to Crystal, as it delivers three views – forward, port and starboard – to visitors on the website.

While the digital tool has been available for Crystal’s ocean ships for some time, the idea is to paint a real-time picture of river journeys for travellers too, allowing them to decide if the cruise is right for them.

One of the highlighted routes is along the Danube River, which is said to cover “enchanting medieval villages, expansive landscapes and stunning cities”, but customers can be the ones to decide if they agree via live views.

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Crystal CEO and president, Edie Rodriguez, said: “The live views are truly a benefit for our guests and future guests at home, as they can be instantly transported to the picturesque destinations the world’s only luxury river cruise line visits.

“It is also an extremely useful planning tool for those unfamiliar with some of the ports. They can follow along on a voyage virtually and discern which itineraries are right for them.”

It’s not just live views that makes the Mozart the “world’s most technologically advanced river ship” though. Each suite comes with an Apple iPad complete with digital directories, allowing guests to manage everything from dry cleaning to room service to dinner bookings.

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Other amenities aboard the ship include 40-inch HD TVs, while bathrooms boast backlit mirrors with integrated TVs and heated seats. Digital signage across the ship, meanwhile, push weather updates, spa appointments and reservations to holidaymakers.

Trips along the Danube vary from ten to 13 nights, and all-inclusive fares start at $3,090 for suite with window view. And while all-inclusive is a common travel term, Rodriguez has developed an “all exclusive” vision for Crystal to create something “magical”.

“We are reinventing travel in a class all by itself, and All Exclusive is the perfect representation of that,” she said. “Whether it is by ocean, river or air, everything we do is designed to take our guests to a new level of luxury, service and adventure.”

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Images: Courtesy of Crystal Cruises

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