Is Invisible Employee Syndrome a new office malady?

Employee engagement has been a top issue this year, with many companies feeling their employees were poorly engaged, with a limited or inconsistent understanding of what?s going on in the business.

This was emphasised in the recent joint ?Modern Workforce? survey from Fairsail and HR Grapevine. They suggested that, apart from a lack of engagement, contributing factors to IES also include poor communications and lack of workforce insights.

But it works both ways. Some 86 per cent of employees believed organisations spent less than 50 per cent of the time focusing on staff over customers; with 46 per cent of these companies spending less than 25 per cent of their time on employee-related matters.

This lack of interest and attention can lead to employees feeling invisible to managers and leaders.

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Adam Hale, CEO at Fairsail, said: ?There?s a danger that employees are just being treated as hubots, or human robots, just showing up for work, doing their job, getting paid and going home, day in and day out. This can lead to drudgery, boredom and a lack of interest in the business. While customer focus is important for businesses, great customer experiences are unlikely to be delivered by a workforce that isn?t engaged or motivated.?

Given the challenge of engaging with employees, over 90 per cent of respondents felt it was important to combine workforce data and processes with company and HR communications. Yet 62 per cent of HR professionals reported that their HR applications didn?t integrate with the organisation?s communications tools. 

This can lead to employees feeling lost as they don?t know what the business is trying to do or how they?re relevant to the bigger picture. If this goes on too long, they may partially disengage, lose interest in their work and start to drop off the performance and talent radar.

It is pretty simple: if employees enjoy their work and feel valued in their position, then they will excel and deliver strong results.

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