Is the poor use of technology holding back productivity?

Mobile working is not seeing its full potential, with three quarters of UK employees saying they are less productive away from their desks. Most felt they do not have the right technology to work effectively away from the office.

Only 25 per cent of employees feel particularly productive when working from home, while just nine felt productive in other offices and eight per cent in transit. This is shocking when compared with the 75 per cent who feel productive when at their desk.

Phil Keoghan, chief executive officer at Ricoh UK, suggests that ?the overwhelming message from this research is that UK employees feel technology has vastly improved productivity in and out of the office, but there is still a lot of room for further improvement.

?With the recent drive towards a mobile workforce, it is surprising that so few people feel they are as productive when working at home or away from the office. It is particularly worrying that people feel less productive at other company offices, where it is very easy to replicate their working environment.

?This is not about spending a fortune on technology, it is largely about making simple policy changes to allow people easy access to company networks, providing people with laptops and tablets, and training them in how to use them. 

“It is great to see that so many people have embraced mobile working. Now, their employers need to equip them to do their jobs properly when away from their desks?.

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