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Is your business focusing on inefficient marketing tactics

Outdated or poor marketing efforts can have a severe impact on the potential growth of your business. Weve highlighted a number of bad habits that should be eradicated altogether, as well as some ways to modernise your strategy to improve the experience customers have when they interact with your business.

Are you focusing your marketing efforts on every product or service

When a business chooses to involve every product or service that it offers, the strength of its marketing strategy can become weakened. 

While it is absolutely important to target each product or service, there are efficient ways of doing this. A good place to start is creating a timeline that targets particular areas of your business offering at different times of the year. When putting this together, look at any seasonality-driven factors to determine when customers are actively looking for certain products and services, and use this to develop a marketing plan which sees every commodity marketed at the right time. 

Are you spending too much time researching new tools and resources

Studies have found that businesses often spend time and money on researching new tools which then fail to be implemented. While keeping up-to-date with the latest tools is crucial for targeting appropriate markets and improving business growth, it’s not enough to simply research them.

In order for these kinds of investment to bring value to your business, it’s important to implement and trial tools for a specific period of time, having conducted research around them. Trialling these tools can help to evaluate their effectiveness and whether or not the business should continue to use them. 

It is important to ensure that any tools researched are trialled before starting the cycle again and researching the next big thing. Keeping your marketing channels fresh is vital if you want to stay ahead of the curve and gather as much insight as you can. 

Are the efforts you’re making targeting the business values

Today, many marketers turn to the news as a way of promoting products or services. This is often referred to as newsjacking and, while it can promote a business as a thought leader when used correctly, it is all too easy to use it without thought. In these circumstances, your efforts can have a minimal effect or, worse, they can actually be detrimental to your brand.

It is crucial to think about which areas of the news to use when considering newsjacking. While the topic of conversation might be exciting or interesting, if it doesnt relate to your business, dont waste time and money on trying to get involved. Instead, find interesting and inspiring ways to engage in relevant conversations, in order to present your business as an expert in its field. 

Are you trying to target each of every audiences traits

One size does not fit all when it comes to marketing. Those marketing well target distinct audience subgroups and identify with each of their wants and needs separately. This can, however, be extremely labour intensive, so investing time collating audiences similarities in order to create a strong marketing plan that can be used across multiple audiences with minimal tweaking is helpful. 

This way, your messaging will remain steady and consistent, which in turn will help to improve customer experience and increase business growth. 

Are you integrating each of your marketing strategies

Numerous studies have found that before a customer decides whether to invest their time and money in a business, they journey through multiple segments of the brands marketing efforts. 

When a business keeps each of its marketing entities separate from one another, a customers journey can become broken and confusing, which can lead to distrust and, ultimately, lost business. You should be aiming for your customers to see your brand across multiple channels with consistent branding and messaging.

An integrated marketing strategy should help to:

  • Support customers throughout their decision-making journey;
  • Provide them with all the information they need;
  • Build a trusting relationship; and
  • Turn potential customers into loyal purchasers.

By taking the time to evaluate and evolve your marketing strategy so that your approach is one that respects the wants and wishes of your consumers, your business can benefit from a stronger system that contributes to sustained growth.

Joanna Drake is an account director at marketing communications agency Peppermint Soda.


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