It can only be… the Friday Funnies

That’s right! A whole blog dedicated to swine flu funnies.

First we had mad cow disease, then bird flu and now swine flu.What the hell is this?Farmageddon?

Swine flu is not really a problem for the pigs.They’re all going to be cured anyway.

So it appears swine flu has replaced the fears about bird flu.I guess bird flu just never took off…

Q:How do you know if you have swine flu? A: You keep getting these rashers.

Doctor, Doctor. My daughter woke up this morning in pigtails. Should I be worried?

This swine flu is bad, i must have had it for about a Weeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Apparently my mate’s got swine flu, I think he’s just telling porkies, though.

Roses are redViolets are blueI have swine fluAnd now so do you

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