IT causes headaches for FDs

That?s what Microsoft is telling us following its latest survey on the priorities and pressures of FDs.

The survey canvassed the views of 100 FDs in UK medium-sized businesses. 26 per cent said IT is a core priority for them. It was also revealed that IT is typically discussed at every, or every other, board meeting.

But IT, together with audit preparation, are the top jobs that FDs would most like to shed.

Microsoft UK FD Steve Dunn says: ?Part of the problem in most cases is that FDs don?t feel equipped to deal with IT ? it has often been foisted upon them.

?I think we?re likely to see the newer generation of FD, for which IT has been a part of everyday life, is more willing to embrace the responsibility.?

?The key thing for FDs who find themselves in this position is to communicate and rely on their IT director or CIO.?

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