It’s a great business idea… that could kill

On the one hand, it’s a great business idea. is a service-cum-social network. Users register the locations of speed cameras and sign up for alerts. It’s a subscription model – $9.99 per month – and plugs into your GPS system, beeping when a traffic camera is coming up.

The revenue model is solid. Users have to stay plugged into Phantom Alert as the service is constantly evolving. New speed cameras are added to the network hourly, and if old cameras move, you are kept in the loop. also warns drivers about impending red light cameras, speed traps and DUI checkpoints.

But is this new service slowing people down? Or helping them get away with breaking the law?

Here’s a scary thought: what happens to the areas with fewest speed cameras and checkpoints? Will they become death-traps as drivers routinely speed their way around without fear of being caught?

Or is this the revenge of the motorist? Sticking two fingers up at speed cameras and the unfair persecution of the humble driver?

This service is only available in the US currently but RB bets its bottom dollar that sooner or later, British boy racers are going to be subscribing to a copycat service over here.

This video shows how the service works. Scroll down to post any comments or opinions.

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