It?s credit crunch week!

I kid you not; the National Federation of Enterprise Agencies has dedicated this week to giving credit crunch advice to small businesses from NFEA enterprise agencies across England.

The press release announcing this momentous occasion tells us that a “range of events” will take place. NFEA chief executive George Derbyshire notes: "The last thing we want to do is spread alarm and despondency around the small business community – there is plenty of that around at present in every news bulletin and newspaper.

"However, we are concerned that many business owners have little or no experience of managing in difficult economic times.”

Yes, it’s a good idea to prepare businesses for tougher times ahead…

… but, really, credit crunch week? Is that not taking things a little too far?

Hands up who else is feeling like their credit crunch fatigue has been ramped up another notch.

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